28 thoughts on “SUNSET VIGIL

  1. Another fine collection, and it looks like you had another good evening with your feathered friends! We’ve seen a few more eagles around here the past few days – end of their salmon feasting, as you’ve suggested?

      1. Is the smoke affecting Tofino like in the Summer? They say it won’t affect us as much here in Michigan since it is colder, but smoke is traveling across the U.S.

      2. They sure do need your rain! And our upcoming rain too. Governor Jerry Brown just said on the 7:00 p.m. national news that California’s fire-ravaged property looks like a war zone. Now our weatherman has changed the forecast to rain for us, rain starting tomorrow mid-day not Friday, maybe wintry precip but too warm to stick and just flurries on Saturday morning, so I just did my roses and leaves post. I have to get the rosebushes cut down this weekend as they say it will be clear and no precip on Sunday and supposedly a dry week all next week. They only pick up yard waste til 11/26. So, I have to practice taking pictures on another subject now! Maybe I’ll go back to Ecorse Park to look for eagles up in the trees looking for fish – last year that was a popular spot for the photographers to set up their tripods and my photos liked like specks which were the eagles swooping down to the ice floes. That is when Uncle Tree sent me your link to see “real eagles”.

      3. Keith commented on one of my posts a few weeks ago and apologized for being a “bad blogging pal” lately and not commenting on posts and not generating many posts. He is in a funk, lost his mother in late September. He had sent me a comment to tell me she passed away and this was because he wrote a nice Mother’s Day post this year and I commented on it – at that time he told me his mother was in a coma and had been for some time. I told him a good friend of mine (Evelyn) mother was in a coma for a while as well and it was difficult for her. Keith’s mom’s name was Evelyn and he thought that was a coincidence with the similarity and he wrote about his mom, so that is why he told me in advance of going for the funeral in Missouri where he grew up. He did a tribute post to her afterward but was pretty upset about her death plus the death of his nephew who died around Memorial Day (had an accident on his small motorcycle made by the same company Keith works for – apparently Keith had warned him to be careful and he died shortly after getting it). I asked Keith if he saw his mom when he went to his nephew’s funeral. So a sad year of loss for him. You too, as you lost your brother. Keith has only posted a couple of times and commented once or twice tops. Well I’m off before the rainy/sleety mix comes now around 10 or 11 today … today is the first day of firearms deer-hunting season in Michigan. You don’t like to see animals in cages and I can deal with that a little better than seeing a beautiful buck slung over the top of someone’s roof with his tongue hanging out and the lifeless body, NOT covered in a tarp at least.

      4. You’re welcome Wayne – I thought you knew or would have mentioned it before now. Now have to shuck off these wet clothes … I was drying off a little while uploading some pics.

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