24 thoughts on “JULIETTE & ROMEO

      1. Wasn’t that the occasion, or right afterward, that you had someone with you in the boat? Perhaps Juliette prefers you visit solo as that is what she is accustomed to.

      2. Maybe Juliette was distracted by something else and it momentarily took away her concentration of interacting with you; I’m sure that is the reason, rather than simply rebuffing you.

      3. no,it was very very clear what she felt like at that time.There are some Eagles who I’ve never been able to get close to.They each have unique personalties just like humans. Some days a person is grumpy to you but for the rest of the time they treat you very nice.Who knows the reasons why?

      4. That’s interesting that perhaps Juliette (or some other eagles) are simply moody. It’s also possible that Juliette saw you paying (what she perceives to be) more attention to another eagle, maybe a female – maybe a male, than you paid to her and thus you are paid back in her mind’s eye. I didn’t realize that eagles were so complex in their thinking, but I’ve commented to you and others that the term “bird brain” is not accurate nor fair as a label for our feathered friends, whether they are domestic or wild. Birds are more intelligent than we give them credit for. The larger the bird, the bigger the brain, the more intelligent – look at parrots or cockatiels. My friend Ann Marie tells me they repeat one phrase to her Amazon Grey a couple of times and it is in its “phrase bank”. In fact sometimes it won’t stop repeating a new phrase.

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