8 thoughts on “ETHEL

    1. She is nice but she does keep to herself,so I do not really know her very well.
      Her partner Ernie,years ago was shot by someone.He fell to the ground but survived.Their nest is built on Strawberry Island.A young girl (Coral) who lived on the island found Ernie wounded at the base of the tree.Her father (Rod Palm) cleaned the wound & wrapped him with a bed linen.To immobilize his movement.
      Coral told me she woke up early so as to go see how Ernie was doing! She found that Ernie had managed to get out of his linen straight jacket & had crapped on everything!
      Ernie recovered & was released.Coral watched a lot of Sesame Street when she was a child.So she called them “Bert & Ernie”.
      I wanted to have a female & male name.I liked Ernie,so decided to name the female after Ernie’s first letter “E”.So I chose “Ethel”.
      Neither of them allow me to get close unfortunately.Its really not up to me,the individual eagle chooses if it’ll allow me into it’s inner circle.

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