20181107-IMG_5895A bear spied a eagle but what the bear doesn’t know is that the eagle spied a salmon!


12 thoughts on “I SEE ONE!

  1. I didn’t realize an eagle would perch so close to the water with the bear in such close proximity. I’d guess the eagle would swoop down to snatch it before the bear could get it, so this shot surprised me.

      1. I didn’t think since I’ve been following you that I’ve ever seen a photo of an eagle perched on a limb so close to the ground. You had photos of an an eagle walking on the flats (Maggie maybe?) but that would be a wide-open space, not a tight space like this little alcove … that eagle must’ve been starved to zoom in like that.

      2. yes,the eagle must of been hungry.
        Yes,that was Maggie & yes it was in the wide open of the mud flats.Eagles have a seven foot wingspan,which requires lots of room for taking off.If a Cougar was hiding in the bushes that eagle would be toast.

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