When a salmon comes into a river system they are full of energy.They’ve come here to party like its 2018! They have this very strong primordial desire to mate! Once they do, their energy levels begin to drop fast.(kind of like human males)  Basically they begin to die & they know it.

When they get weaker they cannot swim out in the middle of the fast moving river.They come into the shallows to get out of that strong current. It would be similar to you running a marathon & there is a strong head wind against you! Getting out of that wind is all your thinking of!

Once they move into the shallows they become easy prey for the bears! The bears patrol the banks of the river each day.One might go upstream in the morning & maybe come downstream in the afternoon.

They are looking for salmon like our friend here.If a bear comes along,it’ll invite Mr.Salmon to dinner.They then will go for a short walk into the forest.

49 thoughts on ““I’M FEELING FINE”!

    1. Your welcome Lana!…..yes,but I’ll guarantee you as I write this that salmon is gone.
      Once they start to come into the shallows they are on their way out.It’ll either die & get swept downstream where the Gulls out in the estuary will have their fill at low tide or a bear will come by & picked it off.

    1. ha ha……good question Emma but to be honest I do not know? If I had to guess I’d say no because he looked pretty good. When they are leaving this world they look more like zombies.Parts falling off.He seemed to be pretty darn fresh.He must of come in from that strong current for a breather.Good thing I found him & not a bear!

    1. I must of moved my feet unknowingly which spooked it I bet.I remember sitting in a chair (one of those folding beach type) once in about a foot of water.I had a few swim through my legs a few times.As long as I remain still they don’t take notice but If I move they scatter!

      1. Sounds like a peaceful way to enjoy the day, and how fun to see them swim so close! I can imagine that it would take a lot of patience and self-control to remain very still.

  1. Your video was great Wayne. We could see everything through your eyes. That salmon was faster than a speeding bullet! He just stopped to have a rest then felt the need to flee. You should have whispered in his ear that it was not your wish that he be your “catch of the day”.

      1. I’m glad you did this Wayne – we got to hear your voice, and get closer to your work, in 3-D. It was a treat. Hopefully you’ll get better weather. We have rain coming in Tuesday night and lingering the rest of the week.

      2. I never did it thinking of showing anyone.I take videos & send them to friends.I know I could do more with what I shoot but I’m a terrible business man!
        We’ll be back in the soup tomorrow as well.

      3. That’s okay, you are too busy enjoying what you are doing – you are immersed in your photography and close to what you do. Becoming a businessman with the photos might take some of the fun aspect out of your photography. I just finished writing a really long post, and it has nothing to do with nature, but every so often I like to write a post, more like a story, about a person or people I’ve known and it was 40 years ago today that I left my job at the diner. I really liked my boss and his wife and he managed the place. I was thinking about them a month ago and decided to write this post. I waited until tonight to write it … I saved a lot of items from back in the day and scanned the photos in last Thanksgiving when I scanned in all my photo albums and scrapbooks. It took me four solid days to do that, but now I have them on Shutterfly’s site and on a flash drive. I have to configure the pictures as the flatbed scanner did not always get the entire page – it will be a lot of work, but that’s okay. So I spent my evening doing this but “got it out of my system” … I have a lot of pictures collected for Halloween and I’ll do a Halloween post next and then back to my regular nature posts. I have a picture of squirrel with yellow eyes – we discussed when that happens but usually it’s red eye; the flash was wacky!

      4. I’ll have to go check out your new post! Sounds like you put in a lot of effort.
        With regard to that flash colour.It should be red,If it isn’t that means your colour balance might be off?
        If you have scans that need stitching together,I can do that for you.

      5. I did put a lot of effort into it. It took me from 6:00 until I posted it about an hour ago I think. Then I posted at Patch.com, but their photos are posted as a gallery so it does not take as long since I’ve already got them loaded in my computer picture file. I thought it was odd with the yellow eyes too – it happened three times in a row and the flash took forever to fire and the squirrel was under a tree, but the leaves were yellow, so I kept the shot and I’ll use it for Halloween along with the decor from the neighborhood. This was the small camera and it was in the morning – it was like the shot was in slow motion – it took forever to take the picture/fire the flash after I pressed the shutter. Maybe too dark under the tree. I just got two new batteries last Summer as I rotate them every time I use the camera.
        I went to use the camera – original battery was dead and Best Buy where I got the camera no longer sells camera batteries (stupid I think) and I had to order it from Amazon. Sometimes in the morning I just have to go with the shade/sun or lack thereof like the squirrel on the pumpkin the other day. I knew the tree was too close and too shady. The big house where the coyote ran by me has a double lot and puts on quite a display for Halloween – some ghastly-looking stuff, but I do it every Halloween only. As to the scans, thank you for offering and I have software that came with the flatbed scanner and it says it does photo stitch but I never used it … do you think that might be the same? I don’t have it on this laptop so I don’t know the trade name, I will look at the name of it tomorrow. I was wondering if I could just load the CD of the Epson scanner software onto this laptop to fix any pictures because the old laptop in my room sits on a low table and I can’t see the pictures all that well as I’m looking down. I should get a board to put on the top of the table. I forgot how many images I have and a good many of them I had to take upside down, right side up to try to get the best shot. One picture in this post tonight is not good at all and I hesitated using it. The photo album’s plastic overlay was stuck onto the adhesive so I had to leave it over the picture or risk tearing the picture, so it has an opague look, but because I liked the picture of the two of them standing next to me I used it.

    1. very happy you enjoyed it Hedy! I think as long as I can keep the videos short & the subject interesting people just might watch them!
      Going back up next week to be with my friends.Weather looking good for camping!

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