I tied my boat up along a downed tree downstream.I was walking back to my boat when this bear came out of the forest in front of me & began walking downstream as well. It spied my boat & was curious. When it walked along the down tree to inspect my boat I yelled at her! Last thing I need are her claws puncturing the air tubes! She looked wide eyed at me for a second,turned & ran into the forest.

I got into my boat & began to drift downstream.She came back out looking rather perplexed…….”What did I do”?

25 thoughts on ““YOU YELLED AT ME”!

    1. I know I scared her & regret that.She was just curious.When bears see or smell something new they get curious.First thing they do is try to take a bite out of it.To see if it tastes good?
      I just didn’t want her to experiment on my boat.I’m up there by myself & the closest person is many miles away.Can’t risk it.

      1. She’ll be okay – you just used loud words and she is likely used to your soft and soothing voice talking to her which she is used to. You likely weren’t waving your arms around at the same time. I don’t blame you – claws or teeth on the boat would not be good, you’d quite literally be up a creek!

      2. That’s why I asked you about the sharp rocks one time if the water gets too shallow, but I guess they are eroded from years of being in the water.

    1. you picked up on that eh.You are 100% correct.Bears are very sensitive souls.Thats why I hated yelling at her.
      Notice how her left ear is turned.She was confused as to why? We walked all the way downstream together.

    1. no children,wife or girlfriend.No pets or plants but I do have nephews/nieces.They live many jet hours away.I never see them.
      Its me & my furry,feathered friends!
      Thinking of going camping this Sunday with my furry friends.

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