13 thoughts on “THIS IS MY BEST SIDE

  1. They are sweet … you can call me crazy, but the close-up of the seal in the second photo has an almost human-like quality to it. Flared nostrils, piercing eyes, intense look.

      1. I worked with someone a long time ago and he was quite heavyset, had big eyes, a high forehead and slicked his hair back and didn’t have a lot of hair to begin with. Honestly, I looked at the close-up of the seal and had a flashback.

      1. Yes, I remember when I first went out in nature I saw almost next to nothing, because everything was so well camouflaged. Now I’m a lot better. I find that when you spend a lot of time in nature, it tend to make you more observant.

      2. So true. Nature has such a calming effect, and the thing is you don’t have to go to some far away place to acquire it. Just stepping off the main road and on to a trail does wonders for the mind.

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