15 thoughts on “SUNSET PADDLE

      1. Same here but they’ve not pinpointed exactly what time of day, but they said it may mess up the kids. I one time went as Little Red Riding Hood while we still lived in Canada. It rained and it was a cold day and I had a heavy coat underneath my red cape and the pelting rain made the dye run into my coat. On top of it, I had a paper bag that came with the costume and I dragged it on the ground, made a hole and lost most of my candy. Probably someone gave me apples and they were too heavy for the bag.
        The rain came kind of suddenly and my father was holding an umbrella over me, but it didn’t help much.

      2. The next year it was a double bag and more durable for sure. One year I went in snow boots as it had snowed earlier in the day. We are having rain once again today … steady from noon on, so I’m about to head out to give the car a run and myself a walk. I don’t like to get to the Park too early .., considerably less people on a Sunday morning as the regulars go to church.

      3. Today Parker slept in … (you snooze you lose.) I felt so badly as I ran out of peanuts and I had taken plenty with me. Poor little bugger got to the car and me after I doled out 1/2 a huge bag of peanuts and the last ones to a squirrel in the neighborhood that I thought was him. I am going to write a post later, am uploading pics at the old computer now … Parker followed me to the car and I had nothing for him. He tried to climb in at the driver’s side. I was scared to pull away until I was sure he had left the car. I honked the horn to scare him into moving – does that scenario sound familiar? I was scared I’d run over him and no one was around I could ask to spot me pulling out to ensure he was not under the wheels. I pulled out after waiting 15 minutes and there he sat, a pitiful look on his face on the curb. It just melted my heart and I owe him bigtime tomorrow. I had a good walk and just got home before the rain started. It was so dark and gloomy in the Park so hopefully the pictures came out okay. It would have been a cold rain at just about 40 degrees – next year I’ll need to get a pair of boots that are comfortable for walking- don’t want blisters that’ll impede walking later. What a PIA this weather has been.

      4. oh I’m sorry to hear about not only a hungry Parker but also the weather situation Linda. I’m sure he’ll survive & maybe some of his furry friends will give him some of their booty!

      5. The look on his face was just precious … like the gears were clicking and he was thinking “but she fed all the other squirrels?” I’m make it up to him tomorrow – it’s not going to rain tomorrow. Now Halloween is rain in the morning and nice for the kids in the p.m. Like you said … you win some, you lose some.

      6. Ha ha … I just finished my post and I did divulge that another squirrel was acting like he was Parker. Parker doesn’t hang out with the other squirrels for the most part, though sometimes another squirrel will tag along with him. Parker likes to hang out on the fringe of the Park or across the street in the neighborhood. He’ll go in the parking lot or the beginning of the pathway, but that’s just for peanuts, then he goes away. I think the run-in with the robin made him wary.

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