26 thoughts on “SUNSET HERON

  1. Ahhh, silhouettes … I always like the silhouettes. Just look at that sky; it reminds me of when you had all the forest fires. I never hear about the forest fires anymore – hopefully they are all extinguished? I can just hear the heron making his horrible squawking noise … I see you got a photo of his beak open in the last picture.

      1. I’ve not heard anything on the news about the fires, but all I hear on the news anymore is bad-blood politics and people with bombs or guns. I hope the forest fires are gone now and people can rest easy and the forest can begin to be restored again. The herons are very loud. At the Park the other day, a group of ducks were sitting on a log. The heron decided it wanted to sit on THEIR log – it came in with all that squawking and the ducks flew off in a heartbeat.

      2. Yes, that’s true but when people are careless and start fires, it’s not fair to nature or the people who choose to live nearby. It seems we’ve had so many natural disasters the last few years. I’ve not heard anymore about the lava in Hawaii – you heard about it every day it seems – surely it didn’t turn off like a tap. Some of those pictures were just unbelievable as the lava travelled down the road and over cars.

      3. Yes, I’d like to know and I feel badly I never followed it and Hawaii’s story has clearly gotten lost in the news, especially with the back-to-back hurricanes. I think Hawaii had a minor earthquake or tsunami as well after the initial eruption.

      4. Yes, like the video on Accuweather – trees heaving up the earth with the wind. We’ve had so much rain that hopefully we don’t get a big windstorm … the ground is very soggy.

      5. no,can’t remember where the most recent one is.Usually the material that moves is whats called “unconsolidated glacial sediment”.Its not solid & the water seeps in making it creep or move downslope.

      6. The whole earth does not seem right at this time. Unless I just listen to the news more these days, I never remember hearing about so many natural disasters and the weather has been wacky for a year now. I think I told you we had the mild Fall … a beautiful Fall last year and that’s how I got so many miles walked. Then on Sunday, December 3rd it was in the 60s – people outside putting up Christmas decorations in short sleeves. Within the week we had the first major snowstorm and it never stopped snowing after that. That’s not normal and we had snow until April, then constant rain every weekend. Plus we had the earthquake (3.6) earlier this year not long after the meteorite hit SE Michigan. The thud was so loud, it was dark outside and I thought someone was at the side door – it was the meteorite crashing into the ground.

      7. Well,I understand what your saying Linda but may I suggest that if you were living in a place like Tofino those problems would appear to be less.Celebrate the Parkers,the Herons. the Buddies! Let Hell have its due long after your gone.

      8. I fear I am becoming a fatalist Wayne – today was the 7th earthquake in one week and I heard about it shortly after making this comment. It was not in Michigan. I think I need to relocate – no, not to another planet.

      9. Your earthquakes are very different from ours.Ours is a subduction zone,your is because the rebound.The glacier was there for thousands of years & maybe a mile thick.All that weight depressed the earths crust.Now that the glacier is gone the crust is rebounding. Springing back if you will.

      10. That’s amazing and how resilient of the earth’s crust to do that. I understand there is a fault line and maybe it is in Ohio. That’s reaching back to my secondary school studies, but t think they mentioned the fault line when SE Michigan had the earthquake last year.

      11. yes,the earths crust gets cracked from all that movement over millions of years.Some cracks/faults are bigger than others in a fault zone.Its wether they are active that is the question?

      12. It looked like they did that article after the minor earthquake we had in 2015 – they supposedly found a new fault line because I thought a big one was in Ohio or Indiana – I know it is a close state and I never paid a lot of attention to it, until we got the one earlier this year. It made me take notice. I will research a little tomorrow and see what I can find.

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