Both the Daredevil & Romeo were gone tonight.They must both be at the salmon grounds.My girlfriend was home however! Maggie saved my butt tonight.I haven’t been skunked yet with my eagle friends.Theres always one home.



      1. Even on land I rarely use any of my tripod or monopod to shoot with.A fast shutter speed is all I need to be honest.Beside my eagle friends travel so fast I dare anyone with a tripod to try & track them as they rip past at mach speed!

      2. That’s true. I am always very impressed with the camera people who film golf and can track the golf ball in flight. At least your eagle friend is a bit bigger than a golf ball!

  1. Beautiful photos of Maggie. That spread of white tail feathers is amazing and you gave us a two-fer … a sunset plus a reflection. Maggie looks huge in the first photo and I like the clouds in photo number two – the hole in the clouds looks like a donut. I was surprised you got out last night because I saw your weather report about it being overcast on Friday so I figured you’d not get a chance to go out – I never looked on Twitter when I was here early this morning.

    1. yes,the weather did clear.I was watching the front slip to the south.To the north I saw a huge clearing! I knew if it kept doing what it was doing that I could go out.I made quick plans to go up to Tranquil on a hit & run mission.

      1. It sounded pretty crummy in your weather report so I never looked on Twitter to see if you had new posts … I view them from there as it goes right to your site. I saw the blue clouds above and in between the clouds that looked like a donut in the picture of Maggie. You lucked out!

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