12 thoughts on “HANGING OUT WITH BUDS

  1. I like your new header picture Wayne. Is the bear simply strolling and a bird photo bombed your shot, or is the bear chasing after the bird? It looks like the bear is not mindful of the big bird at all. Do you ever see these seals climb out of the water onto the rocks? It seems they are all chubby and it must be difficult for them to climb up on the rocks, just by using their flippers.

    1. darn Crow photo bombed me.
      Crows will follow bears on purpose.When bears are overturning rocks looking for crabs they expose many insects.Once the bear sucks up all the scurrying crabs,it moves on.Once the bear is far enough away the Crows will swoop down to gobble up all those insects! So basically there is a small caravan of activity moving along the shore line.

      1. You know I studied that picture and thought the bear really didn’t pay any attention to it, so I figured the crow photo bombed the picture. Still was an good picture. Interesting that crows are scavengers for what the bear exposes in its foraging. Those crows are big. I see them at the Park sometimes – they’ll caw for 1/2 hour nonstop and it reminds me of the TV show “Hee Haw”.

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