16 thoughts on “DON’T DRINK THE WATER

    1. I assume so Linda? I really should talk to a Biologist about this! I saw tape worm skins in their stools & also hanging in bushes. Everything gets hung up in the bushes.
      The river swelled with the rains. The current picks up tremendously! Lots of power when that river is raging.I’ve never seen it that way but I have seen the aftermath.Huge trees ripped from the bank. The current undercuts the banks weakening the trees hold.Sooner or later that tree will fall into the raging river where its promptly swept downstream!
      Tranquil’s main route in has been jammed with many of those trees for years & they ain’t going anywhere fast!

      1. Tapeworms are devastating to people – I remember my mom telling me she worked with a woman with a tapeworm and she told her some info about it … it was from eating ham and pig had trichinosis. I think that was the issue. Woman was malnourished as it was a large tapeworm. I was surprised when you said the water was so high when you just visited it and it was a creek, but you mentioned the big tide yesterday in your Tweet. Weird weather for everyone – we had non-stop rain all day and tomorrow beginning at 10:00 a.m., so I’ll try to get in a walk if I’m lucky.

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