18 thoughts on “NOW THATS A MOUTH FULL!

  1. Fresh caught salmon – it’s still dripping from the water! I love how this bear has grasped it in his mouth, holding onto it for dear life. The second photo, he (or she) is wearing a coy look.

      1. Well, I was looking for marks and figured maybe they picked up the salmon like a bird dog would pick up a pheasant or a duck to not damage it, then the bear would devour it when they had it in a safe place as you said. So they crush the bones when they bite down it to catch it or carry it away. Of course you would hear it being so close and it is so still there, every noise would be magnified.

      2. That’s a healthy diet – all that seafood makes them smart. All the vegetation makes them healthy – they are following the Mediterranean die: seafood, fruits/veggies and no red meat!

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