16 thoughts on “MISTY EAGLE

  1. Hey, Wayne, this is simply an awesome shot. You know me and how I love fog!

    So is this our ole pal, Ernie? It’s somewhat difficult to make an educated guess when the background is pretty well fogged in.

    THANKS for taking this shot!!!

    Meanwhile, you were certainly busy. Lots of shots of some lucky bears who managed to snag their dinner.

    We’re moving into November. When do the bears begin to hibernate?

    1. that eagle Angie is one I do not know? I shot it up in Tranquil. During salmon spawning season there are many eagles coming into the river system.So I cannot even say if this is Tranquil One?
      Bears will begin to den in about a months time or so.
      Very happy you enjoyed the shot!

      1. Well that would be in tourist season so I guess you just have to just get used to the weather conditions – I thought it was just Fall like we have most of our foggy days in Fall.

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