During spawning season there are many bears wandering around.I’m mindful of that fact.My head is constantly swivelling around like a radar dish ever watchful.

Having said that If a bear walks by me I do become focused on its activities. I was taking shots of one bear walking past & after it left I looked around behind me & found this pretty 3 year old female just staring at me with such a beautiful look! I swear she knew me & seemed almost glad to find me! She was not more than 15 feet behind me.She just stood there waiting for me to notice her waiting patiently. I walked down stream away from her & she walked downstream following me.I moved 4 times & she did as well.

Her patience was rewarded by finding a salmon in a set of washboard rapids! She walked off with her treat & before she disappeared into the forest I yelled out “bon appetite”.

20 thoughts on ““HELLO……..HOW ARE YOU”?

    1. as a child I’m sure you got scared at barking dogs or maybe even been bitten by one.You’ve since grown & now better understand dogs.You know their body language because you’ve observed it over many years. You know when to approach a unfamiliar dog & when not to. Same thing with bears.Because animals cannot communicate like you or I they use non-verbal communication.If you hung around bears long enough you’d be able to recognize behaviour.
      When I see one coming I always back into the water to allow them full use of their normal walking routes.If a bear sees me & doesn’t want to bother me,It’ll go into the forest behind me & come out further down the way.It’ll go around me.They are very polite creatures.Hollywood bears have given them a bad rep.

    1. I felt something from this bear…..like it knew me & was happy to see me!
      She did seem like a real sweetheart.She & I hung around for almost a hour or so.I talked to her & she listened with big wide eyes.

  1. That’s a beautiful bear and she was intent on watching you – intrigued, or maybe as a cub saw that her mom did not flinch or run away when she saw you taking pictures, so deemed you “okay”. I smiled at you saying “bon appetite”.

      1. Look at it this way – you see many bears and their cubs, but she doesn’t see many humans, so definitely she remembered you and was happy to see you again.

      2. next time I go up there I’m going to keep a eye out for her.If I see her again (because she has a thin vertical white patch on her chest) I’m going to call her “Spirit”.I’ll stand there talking to her.Animals may not understand my words but they can understand tone,pitch & loudness.

    1. I am conscious of that Lynette.That bear in the “Din Din” posting came walking down towards me along the shore.I was hoping it would walk into the water but it didn’t.It continued towards me.So I backed off & walked into the water.Just as I did that it spied that salmon! I was in the right spot at the right time.Thats basically what life is all about!

    1. She almost seemed lonely & was very happy to find me.She was sniffing the air constantly for my scent.(but I was down wind)
      I’m thinking of calling her “Spirit”.She does have a ID patch on her chest.A thin vertical white patch.So I should be able to ID her again when I next go.Bad weather has settled in so I do not know when I will be able to go again?

  2. With how much you seem to encounter them, you must have a good read on which ones are “nice”. I’d pee my pants though! Ha ha!!

    1. it easy….you like everyone has grown up with dogs.You have subconsciously been recording that info for many years now.So when you meet a dog you’ve never met before you can tell if its as you asked “nice”.Basically if you hang around any kind of animal long enough,you will begin to see & understand far more than meets the passing eye.
      Bears are very shy creatures.Once they get to know you they show another side to themselves……..just like humans……imagine that!

    1. thats funny you mention that because I saw her a few days ago & she acted like that.She defiantly wanted to come out in the water to sniff me!At one point I began paddling downstream & with the stream flowing rather fast I was moving fast! She began to trot after me to keep up.I felt sad that she gave up & turned around.I think she knows me from where I camp.She’s the best girlfriend I’ve ever had!

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