24 thoughts on “DIN DIN

    1. no, Two reasons…..they need to spawn (female with her eggs & the male with his milt) first.If you take one away that means the eggs or milt won’t be used & that is wrong.We are already affecting their numbers dramatically.So we need to always be mindful to help them out as much.I’m against sport fishing as well.Even if they release them they play them out to exhaustion & a salmon only has so much energy & than thats it…..she’s all over! They need their energy.
      Plus, once they come into fresh water their body changes. The fresh water triggers a hormone release.Their flesh I hear tastes terrible!! If you were starving,ya I’d grab one.I talked to several guys camping who have taken a few.They threw them away from the foul taste.

    1. roughly about another 6 weeks.There is no set time.Its dependant upon weather basically? Some will go earlier while others may actually hang around until December.
      Btw,bears do not hibernate.They go into “Torpor”.Basically yes its a deep sleep ,but not as deep as hibernation.In a state of Torpor their body core temperature does not drop as much,their breathing is faster & they are aware of sound around them.A animal that is hibernating goes into a much deeper state of sleep.Their body temp is cooler,their breathing rate is less & they are unaware of sounds going on around them.

      1. I know those bears up on Grouse.Thats “Grinder” & “Coola”.They are Grizz.We have just Blacks on Vancouver island.
        I read your Bio…..you are going down the right road.

      2. It’s such a shame how we as humans are and unfortunately things seem to be getting worse instead of better……though things in nature is also not perfect, there is still a lot we can learn from nature.

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