24 thoughts on “A SHY BRUIN

    1. of course you would be………I was as well! When I was a child my older brothers took a home movie (in the sixties) of a remote cabin they stayed in.They showed bear claw marks along the wall on the outside.That terrified me as a child to think a wild animal tried to get into the cabin.I now know bears do not do that.If they smell food inside they will tear away at where the smell is coming from which is usually a door.Bears do not just arbitrarily scratch their claws along the outside of a cabin.
      Its taken me decades to better understand these animals.Remember at any given moment right now they have a almost full belly all the time.They feel very content! Just the same way you do after a big Christmas turkey dinner but they have that feeling for several months.So they are far more approachable during the salmon spawning season.
      Having said that,I do carry sprat & watch their body launguage. Specifically their ears.If their ears lay back & stay down,back off.I also try to look them in the eye.I just look away casually as If I was more interested in other things.Last thing you want to do is stare at any animal.Thats what a predator does just before striking.They get nervous that your going to attack them.

      1. yes,but to be honest I know of something which will scar off a bear at a greater distance.Bear spray is only goof when its within 15 feet.Carry one of those small air horns.Pointing one of those puppies at any animal will deafen them! If it continues coming,deploy the spray.Always shake the can btw.The active ingredient is capsaicin.Canadian bear spray is way weaker than American spray!

      2. I would love to see them close enough to get some good pics….perhaps from the safety of a car…lol. I can tell you have been often around bears and know just how to handle them.

      1. I don’t think she goes to the same stream as me.I saw her up in Fortune Channel this year.All the bears are congregating around their salmon streams.I think she goes to a different stream.

      2. yes,I suppose.I love how they look the same at a distance but up closer they are like snowflakes,no two are alike.
        For me, making contact with a wild animal is my reward…..the pictures are simply icing to my cake.

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