16 thoughts on “SURFBIRD CLOSE UP

      1. Were you telling them how beautiful they were – they wanted to hear more! When Marge had her two tall flowering pear trees on the City property, there were dozens of sparrows that lived in the tree. You could walk outside any time of the day and hear cheeping and twittering by all those birds. It was amazing to go out in the dead of Winter and I’d be shoveling snow and listening to them and their chirping was just as intense as in the middle of Summer. They’d be huddled together on a branch.
        I used to take out birdseed and scatter it on the sidewalk after I shoveled for them to eat. Sometimes I got those little seed cakes and placed them in the trees. The pear trees were slow to drop their leaves and often the dark burgundy leaves littered the snow, and the birds would sit in bare trees just singing away. It made Winter more bearable to hear them. The trees were cut down in 2014 after we had that 39 mph wind that knocked down my shed and split one of the pear trees in two so the City took down both trees. Pear trees grow tall quickly and are unstable and often split.

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