19 thoughts on “A HERON MOON

      1. Mine has behaved the last couple of times. I think he was intent on getting a fish. Someone asked me this morning if I thought he’d get enough to eat all Winter at the Creek as it will freeze over and I said I think he’ll go to the Detroit River one mile way – the current is strong and it did freeze over but not totally – after all the eagles were there in the Winter looking for fish from the tall trees on Mud Island.

      2. I should have asked that too – but last year I got a picture of the heron with a fish – it was blurry because it was really chilly and snowing and I was trying to take the heron with my glove trying to protect the lens. Another time the heron was mid-way up a tree – someone pointed him out to me across the Creek and I got this picture … he doesn’t look real here, more like statue, but I took it on February 18th: https://lindaschaubblog.net/#jp-carousel-8900

      3. Thank you Wayne! The jogger who’s there every weekend stopped in his tracks and was waiting to show me the heron across the Creek. He pointed and I didn’t see it – I was looking for the heron on the banks of Creek not in the tree. Then I saw it – I thought how did I miss it? I must have taken 10 shots as he looked perfect in there. I really liked his coloring in those trees.

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