15 thoughts on “THE DAREDEVIL

      1. Interesting, isnt it, how even a wild creature can be sorted out from all others of its kind? Too many people miss how unique each and every creature is because they just see them for a moment but don’t take the time to really observe them. (I never birded to see how many species I could see in a day, but birded with the idea that I would observe what birds I saw to learn what I could about plumage, behavior I could in the short time I had available. Knowing how arduous you trip to where you take your photos is, I know you are very much of the same mind. Of course, your comments and the interesting nature of your photos pretty much let me know your have a deep and intense interest not only in your subjects for photos, but because you genuinely care for them as individuals.)

      2. the best tool I have for photography is not my camera,Its my ability to observe & understand. You seem to have that ability as well,not many do. Having a inquisitive nature is a perquisite to discovering the facets of life.

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