This is a male Chum salmon.After a few weeks in fresh water their bodies start to break down.The first thing to go is usually their skin. They get skin rot.They loose scales making them turn whitish in colour.When you see that they are getting close to checking out.

I found this guy in the shallows. When they first come into the river system,they are full of energy & very active! They can swim against the current no problem.After they spawn their bodies become weaker,so they cannot swim against the strong current anymore.They prefer to swim/stay in the shallows where the current is weaker. Notice how this guys dorsal fin is exposed.This is exactly what the bears are looking for! A bear will walk along the shore searching for these spent salmon. They’ll grab it & hurry off into the forest to enjoy their salmon dinner.

This is a recent video I shot up in Tranquil.It shows Chum salmon doing their dance of life! Once I let the “drift rig” go,it points where the current takes it.(the “Drift Rig” I made is three feet long.If the depth gets less than three feet it’ll drag along the bottom)This footage has not been edited.

14 thoughts on “YOUR DONE CHUM

  1. The poor salmons’ loss is the bears and eagles gain, (or likely their lunch). Your video of the salmon is fascinating to watch. I feel like I am underwater snorkeling and studying their actions. They seem to gravitate toward the camera and what a nice, close-up look you are giving us here.

      1. Well it gives us a new perspective of what goes on underwater – we are face to face with the salmon. Just like Jacques Cousteau from back in the day. It was interesting – good thing you thought to try this out.

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