12 thoughts on “POSING PRETTY

      1. I saw my resident heron this morning – guess I just missed it getting a fish from the cement landing according to one of the other walkers. I was messing with the squirrels and so I was late arriving at that cement landing. I took some pictures of the heron, but I decided to leave and not spook it by creeping closer as it was too shady right then. For once we had a beautiful, sunny and perfect morning – 70 degrees, but no humidity as there was a good breeze. I walked five miles and hated to come home. Tomorrow it will be 20 degrees colder.

      2. That was a nice walk and I’ll use those photos for today’s post. My trip to Lake Erie Metropark was a little blah … Fall foliage was still green and no hawks above, not even a turkey vulture. It was a balmy morning last Wednesday and within 24 hours it dropped 30 degrees. This morning was only 41 when I went out.

      3. You are right – I already had a hat and gloves on this morning! When I took the bus it was hat and gloves once October 15th arrived and stayed in them usually through April 15th.

      4. I wonder if/when we’ll get ours though it did not go below freezing in my part of town, but I need to shut off the water soon anyway. Last December 3rd, we were in the mid 60s – a Sunday and it was just fantastic. Sweatshirt weather and a few days later we had a snowstorm!

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