18 thoughts on “& SO DOES PIGLET!

  1. Those berries are so delicious that Piglet is closing her eyes and just savoring them as she eats them. It’s amazing how brown her muzzle is up close. You don’t notice it so much when she looks straight-on at you, but when she tips her head back you do. The photo looks like you are practically standing over her!

    1. Browns are way bigger than even the biggest Blacks to begin with. I heard this on the radio while camping & wondered if any of my furry friends were checking themselves out to see if they could compete!

      1. That’s a big bear – he weighs more than a ton! Now you see the sad photos of polar bears starving and looking like skin and bones due to global warming and the ice flows can no longer support their weight for them to get food.

      2. The photos and videos of the polar bears barely with the strength to walk are very sad. I would think that some organization could air drop food in for them so they don’t starve; we humans cannot undo the harm we caused, but we could help now before it is too late.

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