I was so happy to see my two furry friends again! They always bring a huge smile to my face! Piglet looked very healthy! When I first found them, another bear came out of the forest near them.That spooked not only Peggy & Piglet but the other bear as well! They all went back into the forest to get away from each other!

I waited 15 minutes & they all came back out.Piglet had enough street sense to always be watching out for that other bear! She’d get up high on a rock to look around to make sure the coast was clear.(by this time that other bear had gone back into the forest)

So,Piglet has not only put on weight but is also street/forest wise!


34 thoughts on “PEGGY & PIGLET

    1. thank you Lynette! I was so happy to see them again! I was worried they might of already gone to the streams & once they do thats it for the year till next Spring.They’ll den after feeding on tons of salmon.

    1. yes,they are a great family! I wonder If Peggy will chase Piglet away this fall so she can get pregnant again? They have to do that or the male will kill them.I’ve seen a few of these & they are always so sad to hear & see!

  1. What an absolute treat to see them both, and especially to see that Piglet is doing so well, is chubby and healthy. She’s just as cute as ever and looks amazing. Her mother is teaching her well to be a smart and cautious bear. So nice to get this update on them both. Thanks, Wayne.

  2. I like all these pictures, but the second one the best of mother and daughter as they are looking right at you. Piglet is a roly poly bundle of fur and looks very huggable. Are they fattening up for hibernation Wayne? Do they hibernate as long as our black bears would since it is not as cold there?

    1. thats a myth,bears do not hibernate. They do into a deep sleep but not as deep as hibernation.They go into “Torpor” state.In Torpor they can still hear whats going on around them & their body temperature is higher.A animal in a state of hibernation breaths slower,has cooler body temperatures & is not aware of whats going on around them. Hibernation is simply a deeper level of sleep.

      1. Do they go into caves though – you will not see them during the coldest months will you? I read yesterday on the Facebook site where I got the turtle info that the snakes will soon go into a dormant state. The person posted a picture of a shake in the middle of the road sunning itself. It didn’t move right away then this person got out and took a video and it slithered off at the speed of sound. They person who posted said that you might find a snake and think it is dead and it is not and leave it alone.

      2. snakes are cold blooded so they meed to absorb the warmth from other things……like black warm roads. Unfortunately they do not realize that big metal creatures use it for getting around on.
        Bears generally do not have any caves to use around here at any rate.They find large trees that have been overturned from windstorms. As long as the spot is dry,quiet they’ll be just fine!

      3. They are all set then – when does that happen? We had our first snow in the Upper Peninsula this morning – not measurable, perhaps an inch of snow on grassy surfaces. That is early as the first snowfall is usually the middle of October. It was downright cold this morning especially after it rained. Yesterday I was walking in short sleeves and shorts (74 degrees); today out in a coat and long pants (46 degrees). There is no rhyme or reason to this weather anymore. And a stormy and rainy week next week as well.

      4. they go to den around the middle to the end of November.After the salmon run has ended.When they can’t find any leftovers they generally go to their nice quiet dens.I’ve found several of them over time.They have a swirl pattern to the ground.They get up & turn from time to time.Over the winter this turning is repeated many times.Any ground debris is swept into a swirl pattern.

      1. it seems harsh at first appearance but the Sow is doing that to save her cubs life.She doesn’t want a male to target her cub.If her cub was on its own & that same male bear that would of killed her came across her, it most likely would leave her alone.

    1. yes,they both are doing very well.Peggy will be chasing Piglet away soon.Its tough love. If she wants to get pregnant again,she has to chase Piglet away or a male will kill her.I hate seeing & hearing when that happens! Hearing the cub crying upsets me but its all for the best of the cub.

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