Peggy found a patch of Salal berries! Both of them looked like they were in heaven! Over the course of a hour,I saw Peggy & Piglet eat hundreds of small crabs.

So I guess it was desert time!


13 thoughts on “PEGGY LOVES BERRIES!

    1. not sure what you mean Fred? If you mean I’m using trail cameras,…… no but If you mean I photograph bears when I see them,yes.
      After a number of years the bears do recognize me & so I can shoot without spooking them.

  1. Well with your Thanksgiving Day just around the corner, it is time to harvest what’s out there, even if all for oneself! At first I thought they were mulberries as there is a mulberry tree in the Park and it grows several crops a year – the birds, squirrels – even the groundhog love them. They don’t need a crust or a la mode to enjoy them!

      1. Kind of a like a red currant? My mom used to make red currant pie – very tart and you could rarely buy the berries here, only a few produce markets carried them and maybe only a few pints. Her grandparents had a small farm in Ariss (near Guelph) and they had berry bushes everywhere, so all the grandkids would pick them for pies, and to “put up” for preserves. She knew all the different berries … we don’t have such a great variety these days. I didn’t know they would eat flowers too … tell them to stop that as it makes less berries come Fall!

      2. I once saw a female bear with a ring of flowers stuck around her neck! It look like a flower necklace!
        We have many berries here.Salmon berries are a delicacy they enjoy earlier in the year.

      3. They are lucky to have many more months of the growing season than we do. The weather has been so strange that Marge’s magnolia bush has blossomed three times, the last time a few weeks ago … that is not normal in the least. Usually once in May and done.

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