20 thoughts on “LOOKING DOWN ONE’S NOSE

      1. In some respects, a big bear is no different than a domestic animal or a small animal being inquisitive about finding something. That would have been a cute shot. The young squirrels didn’t know what to make of the apples … the wild apples in the tree are just a little bigger than a walnut, but I could hear the gears clicking as they analyzed what it was before they took a bite.

      2. They can hide peanuts too – I laugh when I see them as it is wide open spaces and lots of grass and they make a beeline to hide them, then return to eat the rest – Parker does head to the same place usually. They are all back come Spring if I try to count noses, so obviously they are doing a good job hiding nuts. Depending on the weather, it may be weeks before walkers are on the path as they don’t plow it or sweep it off at all. I have pictures in my blog from February or March posts showing paths were ice has melted and reformed, chunks of snow/ice on the path. I walk beside the path then, just to go down to visit and take pictures. Trying to be a trooper and take care of my pals at the same time.

      3. Yes, me too – Parker must have quite a stash in the soccer field … he goes to the same place every time. They are smarter than people give them credit for. I wonder if other squirrels dare to go into another one’s stash?

      4. I believe that because regular Blue Jays are quite aggressive. I think I told you one attacked a man walking down the street under a nest – simply walking down the street. They pecked his head til he was bleeding profusely and fell to the ground. Neighbor across the street called for an ambulance as he was laying there on the ground. He came back and thanked her afterward. The beaks are pretty lethal.

    1. would you get close to a Pit Bull you didn’t know & showed signs of aggression?………..I bet you wouldn’t!
      If you knew that Pit Bull for years & it was friendly with you…………I bet you would!
      I do not get close to a bear I do not know or that doesn’t already know me.They show signs of stress just like dogs,all animals do.If someone hasn’t hung around bears very much,they probably do not know the body language & so get themselves into trouble.
      I haven’t been attacked by a bear but have been by humans…….
      Plus I have a large focal length lens & do crop the picture.It just looks like I’m close.I was about 40 feet away on my boat.

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