I took out two photographers with me today.We went up into Fortune Channel looking for bears & found 4. On the way back I stopped in at Tsapee Narrows to visit with the Daredevil. To show you how each have unique personalities, he refused to come over because I had two strangers with me! I saw him last night & no problem! He’s done this before,so I half expected it. The problem is he’s the only eagle around right now! Delilah has gone to the salmon streams,as well as Maggie/Moe & Romeo! Juliette is being a fuss pot,so the only hope I had was with the Daredevil.

I’ll have to have a little chat with him next time.

20 thoughts on “HERON VISTA

  1. Your photo makes the heron look like he owns the place, commanding his own environment. Nice composition with bird, water and tree covered hills. Amazing how sensitive the Daredevil is knowing to be cautious of other visitors you had with you. Quite smart. Shows he trusts only you.

  2. This is a great closeup of the heron’s face and I’ve never noticed so much blue in the face before as he is usually further away. You got many shades of blue and gray here and he fits right in. Hopefully the two photographers got some nice heron shots to make up for no eagle shots. The Daredevil is going to get a scolding from you next time you see him!

      1. The two photographers have to come back after the salmon run, and all the eagles are back and maybe some will be more sociable since the strangers are with you.

      2. I am still working on the young squirrels – they are getting there, but occasionally they come over to see me and I bend down while talking to them to give them peanuts and they are fine, and other times, I do the same thing and they just freak out – they are spooked and go running up a tree without taking peanuts. I try not to make any sudden movements. If people are watching me sometimes they’d be scratching their heads at my actions, but sometimes even pulling the camera out of the pouch, is a sudden movement so I try not to do that with the younger set.

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