17 thoughts on “A DAREDEVIL’S SUNSET

  1. Beautiful! The top picture ” is a drop of golden sun” like the “Do, Re, Mi” song, as the sun sets on October 3, 2018. I see you changed your header photo to a whale breaching.

      1. Well quality trumps quantity – look at the golden sky! And the bottom picture with three colors, all reflecting on the water … plus the Daredevil in the picture to boot.
        Earlier on Wednesday you probably thought you would not even venture out, so I was surprised to see new posts. Today you said it would be better weather.

      2. yes,yesterday was overcast,so I didn’t think I’d be going out? It broke late so I couldn’t go see my bear friends. Had to do what I call a “harbour tour”. I had a problem with the engine.The engine can tilt upwards.The bar that controls the tilt was jammed.So the boat bow was bouncing. The balance was off. I tried to correct the problem but couldn’t,so I put more weight further forward to keep the bow from “dolphining”.While doing that I cut my finger.This all wasted precious time! I than found out Romeo was gone.He left for his turn to the salmon streams.Juliette was there but didn’t want to have anything to do with me.I went over to Deadman island & she flew over to Beck island.I than went over to Beck island & she flew over to Deadman again! I must admit that I felt down.She can be so temperamental sometimes but when she’s friendly she always likes to sing me a song!
        I also missed several great opportunities for shots with the Daredevil! The dial accidentally got switched from “Manual” to “B”! I hate when that happens! It would of been a fantastic shot too because he was in perfect position.
        So last nights shoot was difficult.

      3. I’m sorry to hear that Wayne because we, the viewers, see the beautiful images and never comprehend just how much energy and effort is expended to get those shots that appear in Reader. Juliette was being fickle, maybe even toying with you, without Romeo being there. It sounds like she was playing a game going back and forth because she had your attention, but unfortunately she played that game too long and dusk arrived. You did get two great Daredevil shots in that stunning sun. Hopefully the cut is not on a finger that you use to operate the camera?

      4. I’m sorry to whine about it.The cut wasn’t that bad.I found out about being cut late.The finger I cut was my shutter finger. I noticed it because my shutter finger was sticking to my camera.I wondered why & looked? It had been bleeding enough that my camera had blood on it & than I noticed my wool gloves had blood on them too.I always carry a first air kit in my camera bag. I washed my finger off in the ocean & boy did that sting.I dried it & put a good bandage on.Than I went to go shoot the Daredevil.
        Its fine just a pain in the ass more than anything else.

      5. Well any finger but your shutter finger!! How did you clean the shutter button without using water and risking damage to the camera? I use diaper wipes for cleaning off stuff I can’t immerse in water.
        You were intent on what you were doing so didn’t notice the cut and that’s probably how you moved the dial off manual. I’ll bet it did sting in the saltwater, but it cleaned the wound at any rate. You have nice weather today so you can go tonight since your tomorrow is crummy weather again. We were 74 degrees this morning when I went out around 8:00 and it dropped 10 degrees this afternoon from a cold front and we have stormy weather Friday evening through Saturday evening – someone ticked off Mother Nature!

      6. I wondered about if your cameras were somewhat waterproof because you are shooting around water and the spray could come up just by traveling in the boat. I just peeked at the pics on Twitter … the berry-loving bruins! I will be back to comment on them … the weatherman and Accuweather says we have rain coming in the 9:00 o’clock hour and I need to take the car for a run as we have a rainy weekend supposedly. Hopefully I can get in a substantial walk … it is 30 degrees colder this morning than yesterday at this time (46 degrees). Ann Marie and I have firmed up our plans for the Audubon walk but now we have rain and possible severe weather over the next 24-36 hours so we’ll monitor the weather for the event. My cute critters aren’t black and berry-eating but they are brown and fuzzy and like apples: https://lindaschaubblog.net/2018/10/04/the-munch-bunch/

      7. This morning they don’t know what to make of me. I got down there to the Park, and I took the car on a little run as is supposed to rain today and most of tomorrow, maybe Sunday as well. The car had not been out of the garage since last Saturday, even though I run it every day. So, anyway, I got the car out, parked at the Park lot, ran back across the street into the neighborhood to ensure no squirrels were there that would have missed me since I was not walking, then back to start on the trail. Fed half a dozen squirrels and it started to rain (it was sunny when I left, so didn’t bother with any rain gear). The sun was shining at the same time and it started to pour. I hustled back to the car as I have to hook up the battery tender on it when I get home and would have to wipe off the entire car to get it rigged up again. I was getting madder by the minute. I can picture them standing there on the opposite side of the trail saying “what. where did she go … wasn’t the Peanut Lady just here a minute ago – I didn’t get any peanuts!” Not only that, before I left, I realized I didn’t have any Ziploc bags of nuts made up, so I got a new cellophane package of peanuts and it had an open seam, I picked it up and peanuts went flying over the whole kitchen, on the stove, counter, floor – many bad words coming from my mouth! I’m glad you liked the story. They made my day dashing around and trying to eat or carry off the apple that was 1/3 their size!

  2. Very nice. Love the grey tones in the bottom one. Very soothing . . . thanks for sharing the beauty of the evening.

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