31 thoughts on “FINE FORM

  1. Wow… the close-up of the underside of Romeo’s (?) wings makes me rethink that maybe it wasn’t an osprey after all, but a bald eagle that I saw last week. I didn’t realize there was so much light coloring underneath. The head was white and the beak was long like an eagle too, not curved.. This eagle was right overhead for you Wayne. Oops – he missed a fish … was the big splash in the water Romeo exiting the water or he dropped the fish?

      1. Well we got a good look under the “wing flaps” of the Daredevil. If you didn’t see him coming, he’d cast one large shadow on you and the boat. That’s what this bird did last week – he was overhead and the only tree was the one that he kept flying over – I wish he had been flying over water – he was huge with a wide wingspan and what amazes me is how he seemed to “cruise” up there – not flapping his wings, like a goose, which I guess might be a comparable size. Ducks flap their wings fast and furiously.

      2. What i suspect happens is the wind moves along gently near the surface.When it hits a bunch of trees the wind is diverted upwards.The eagles know about this upward air current & take advantage of it.Thats why it appears they hardly flap while rising upwards.

      3. I see … that’s interesting, so they rarely flap their wings and seem to glide – it was nice to watch that big bird. I was about to start a post and was reading some notes I had made about my trek last Saturday and I had overheard some of the photographers that were standing around with their long lenses and tripods, say that last year they were at the boat launch area and a group of hawks came in on an air current and there were about 200 came in at one time. I did send you my “mystery bird” photo, maybe a juvenile eagle?

      4. In going through the pictures for today’s post, I saw the signs of “expected birds of prey” and for what months (September through November) at the boat launch site, and they mentioned turkey vultures but in October and I took that picture at Elizabeth Park, about 7 or so miles away. It was supposed to be International Hawk Week. I didn’t look at the October and November sign til now – I took the picture so I knew whether to go back or not later. Thank you for I.D.ing the Turkey Vulture Wayne!

    1. If I were to hazard a guess I’d say they miss 3/4 of the time, but the first strike may stun the fish enough to allow them to come back around for second try.If they do that they almost always get the fish on the second attempt!

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