45 thoughts on ““THEY’RE BACK”!

    1. thank you Doug! If you see a message from my sister one day it will be because I had a accident out there & did not make it.
      That is the only way I would stop posting.
      sorry about the grammar & I guess according to Fred my spelling as well.

      1. We all make those sorts of accidental mistakes. I’ve had to correct obvious errors in my blog from time to time, errors that slipped after numerous rewrites and edits. Drives me nuts since I am a bit obsessive when it comes of such things.

      2. I can imagine! I don’t know how far off the road your photos are taken, but I imagine there is a fair amount of physical effort just getting there! Also, having worked with professional gear in past, I know it is heavy. Anyway, the end results are stunning and very beautiful, something I know will be the case every time I open your posts!

  1. Beautiful and scenic! Those fish are exposed to the eagles and bears alike. I’m curious about the boat on the bottom – does it belong to a fisherman and he (or she) is out fishing? Do these salmon draw the fisherman (not the commercial fisherman) too, or are they worried that a bear might come upon them?

      1. The empty canoe makes this photo look even more serene. That’s how you got such close-ups of the salmon, while you were walking in the stream. The water is crystal clear – no wonder the bears can perch on a rock and look down or an eagle can spot them from the sky. It does look like a beautiful day there.

      2. I canoed upstream as far as I could.I could of dragged the canoe over some shallow parts & gone further but felt it was best to leave it there. I will send a short video showing the spot where I took the salmon shot later.

      3. I see, well you got a better look at the stream bed and salmon that way too and didn’t risk damaging the canoe if you hit rocks on the bottom. OK, thanks, I will look for it.

  2. I’ve seen the salmon go through the locks in Seattle, but how very special it must be to see them swimming in a stream is such a beautiful setting! Thanks for sharing your photos!

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