I’ve never seen a Heron do this before.It was standing on some Bull kelp in the middle of the channel. That Kelp has to be 60 feet long! It’s anchoured on the bottom with a “holdfast”.Small fish like the cover the kelp provides but this very smart Heron has figured it out!

25 thoughts on “JESUS HERON

    1. you’d be amazed! Whenever one does something others are watching & yes they do copy.But as far as landing in this patch of kelp……not a chance! That Heron would attack & chase off the intruding interloper!

      1. When you said the heron was in that kelp, I couldn’t help but wonder how he kept his feet from getting tangled in it … I guess the chance to get the fish made it worth taking a risk. Good for him chasing off the others trying to pick off his find!

      2. Bull kelp will make floating masses.Sea Otters like to float inside these masses as well.They will link paws while sleeping to form what are called “rafts” of Otters.They look very cute when they are doing this!

      3. That is true! I am embarrassed to say that I could probably sing the theme song to “Flipper” now. I watched all those shows – Lassie, Rin Tin Tin too and great animal movies like “Old Yeller”, “The Red Pony”, “Rascal” and “The Incredible Journey” when my parents took me to the show to see them.

        I just read through this and it was interesting about trainers using predominantly female dolphins and why. It just burst my bubble that this was not Flipper’s voice, but a doctored-up version of a Kookaburra bird.

      4. I thought so too Wayne. I was listening to a show where they mentioned training animals and told that story … I always wondered how they made him move his mouth and figured it was trick photography.

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