I know this fellow.He works at the Liquor store. He lives out on a local island & paddles to work in the morning & back again at night.I can’t understand how he can paddle during the winter storms sometimes? It must get rough!

24 thoughts on “HEADING HOME

    1. I did & I didn’t show them all.It took me several hours to sort these ones out.I shot almost 300 last night & after my primary pass I managed to work that down to about 147.A 50% reduction.I’m sure I’ll shave more off on my second pass. I usually get a 25% ratio of hit/miss.So I should end up with about 80 or so?

      1. I’m glad you said that as sometimes little amateur me comes home with 150-175 pictures from going to a Park on a weekend and have many missed snouts, tails, beaks, etc. If it is just still pictures, that’s better … otherwise many missed shots. I take doubles of everything, especially with the compact digital … because it is a point-and-shoot there is nothing to steady your arms, so I get a little shake sometimes in the picture. Thank goodness you are not shooting with film!

      2. Good idea – if I am not on a flat surface it happens sometimes too. I looked into a collapsible one a few years ago. I was thinking about the dogs at that time, but would work well with humans too.

      3. You don’t need to have an attachment then … you just press the shutter button down. I would imagine you’d need it with long lenses. I think I had a gadget with the 35mm camera – it was a bulb attached to a cord like a timer. You pushed the bulb and the shot went off. I never used it though. I seem to remember when I took photography lessons for the 35mm camera, the instructor saying to tuck our arms in, so we looked like a duck, close to the body.

      4. you can screw the camera onto the top.I rarely use it because I use my boat most of the time & freehand.
        Yes,tuck your elbows in to your side,maybe lean against a tree,hold your breath & shoot.Having said that,If your doing that sort of thing that means the light must be poor & you probably shouldn’t be shooting anything in the first place.

      5. I see, like people buy those selfie sticks, only shorter and hand held, not telescopic.
        Holding your breath – never thought of that … I have to take the zoom down a little to compensate, or else I’m missing part of the subject sometimes. I am not shaking for any other reason, except holding the camera out in front of me and it is just the compact digital (point and shoot). Never thought about leaning against a tree either. New things to try tomorrow – thank you!

      6. I have to master the manual part of the camera first … hopefully soon. I came back from shutting my laptop down to have something to eat. Clicked on WordPress and got a message … “Welcome to your new Chrome browser – take a tour” … everything looks different … bigger tabs. Favorites look different. I am such a creature of habit and resist change!!

      7. Yes, they did mention it was more secure. I have to use Internet Explorer for work because that is how our computer guy set it up, but I use Chrome the rest of the time as it is faster. I’m used to zipping around around my favorites … have to adjust. I am dreading what WordPress is going to roll out. I kept going back to their original posting format and they kept saying “no try this one instead!”

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