WAKANA (T011) & RAINNY (T011A)





I heard of some Orcas coming into the inlet! I can only really take shots of Orcas when they come on the inside.If they are out in open ocean I can never tell where they are going to come up but If they go on the inside (down Tofino inlet), the more narrow channels corrals them. When they sound (dive) they are more predictable where they will be coming back up.

I went down the inlet looking for them.Turns out it was Wakana & her son Rainny! My favourite mother son combination! Wakana was born in 1963.She had Rainny when she was 15 years old.Rainny was born in 1978. Rainny is a real mummies boy but don’t tell him that. Rainny is a big boy,5tons at 25 feet! They are always seen together. They are called “The Wakana’s” & visit clayoquot sound frequently!

When I first spotted them at a distance,I could see Rainny spy hopping & than 30 seconds later breach clear of the water! I was too far away & travelling too fast to even try to take a shot. Unfortunately, he didn’t do any more spy hopping or breaching again!

They gave me the slip several times! They are well known for escaping from whale watching boats. I never did get any shots of them in bright light,but will be content with what I did get!

I always love visiting with them!

45 thoughts on “WAKANA (T011) & RAINNY (T011A)

    1. Thats the way I think of Rainny,like a big baby.He never leaves his mothers side.She leaves him sometimes but he’s always close by.She’s 55 now & will pass one day.Rainny will be very sad on that day!

    1. It took a lot of work & because I was a distance away from town,by the time I got back it was dark.As I was hauling up my boat from the beach I miscalculated & snapped one of my wheel struts! I had to get some strangers to help me haul it back up to the compound.I do have a extra strut to replace it with but it’ll be a problem still.

      1. That’s a shame … it put a damper on your wonderful whale experience for sure. Luckily strangers were nice and helped you out. Hopefully, this is something you can fix yourself.

      2. I just fixed the strut.I had another on hand & so swapped them no problem.
        All ready to go for tonights shoot.I phoned Jamie’s ( a whale watching company) & asked if they had heard about them today?They had no reports so they’ve moved on.Orcas never hang around anyways.They are like Taxies…….here now & gone the next.

      3. Jamie’s might have had people out there paying for and then waiting on a sighting and you had them right under your nose – right place, right time. Glad you fixed the boat so quickly – what are you going to shoot tonight?

      4. only saw one Heron & I spooked him.No Sea Lions or Seals as well. I didn’t get to go up to Fortune channel for bears today either.I’ll have to leave more early.
        Just got two eagles & some Common Merganser.Not much to write home about tonight.

      1. In Glacier Bay I once crossed an area in a kayak while humpback whales were cruising back and forth and orca’s in the distance. I will never forget that either.

      2. EXACTLY! You made contact! Whenever,wherever & whatever animal it may be,those moments will always be remembered & treasured the most.
        If it’s true that at death the person sees their whole life pass before them,mine is going to be a full length block buster movie!

    1. good question,to be honest I do not know but I do know they go into the shallows to attack seals on the beach.Not here but down in south America somewhere they do that.They have to wiggle backwards to get back in the water all the while holding onto a squirming seal!
      Here they probably don’t go into nothing more shallow 10 feet deep.

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