18 thoughts on “ONE BIG FURY GANG

      1. You don’t think they remember you drifting by them other times and not harming them? Hopefully they don’t associate you, as a human being, with the person who did the horrible harm to the sea lion or seal a while back. Maybe they can’t differentiate between humans … but likely they can or they would have disappeared into the water pronto.

      2. no Linda,no animal can do that.To be able to do something like that means they would already be familiar with their foes….which means they’d already be dead.
        They treat everyone the same,as foes.They normal take off into the water for safety when alarmed but they have become familiar enough with me that they just watch me go by instead of jumping into the water.

    1. I think that blood is from another Seal.I think they fight from time to time with each other.I see in juries with these guys all the time! If It was a shark or something like that I don’t think they’d be able to escape & the injuries would be far more severe!

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