I have mixed feelings about this time of the year. The salmon begin to return to their natal streams but my eagle friends always disappear.

Eagles take care of their eaglet/s all summer.Come August the eaglets are big enough to become fully fledged.They literally fly the coup leaving mum & dad.  So Mum & Dad go on a salmon vacation. They fly further north to their favourite salmon streams for some well deserved R&R. They leave for about a month.I haven’t a clue where they go but suspect further north as those streams are already spawning.The further north you go the sooner the spawning happens.Alaska started a month ago & Washington State (south of us) will start 2 or 3 weeks after us.

So I’m very happy to see the salmon returning but always sad to find my fine feathered friends are gone.The Daredevil & Delilah are gone. Maggie & Moe have already been gone for over a month.(I suspect they are too old to have anymore eaglets & so left sooner than most?) Juliette is gone,leaving only my buddy Romeo.I suspect he’ll be leaving any day now.

So I say goodbye to some but hello to others.I will be checking several streams tomorrow to see If the salmon have started to arrive? Always exciting to go upstream looking for bears cruising for salmon!

19 thoughts on “SLIM TO NONE

  1. Thankfully when your eagle friends have had their fill of salmon from other venues, they will return to enjoy the local salmon offerings and you’ll catch up with them. Those clouds are pretty low on that mountain – perhaps a few eagles may be up there in the clouds! I like the header picture with the bears – the two on the right look like they are ready for a big bear hug.

    1. the male is on the left with the female on the right.Bears do this “dance” during mating season sometimes.The female wants to check out the males strength & balance.
      What you can’t see fully is that she had a 8 foot tape worm hanging out her butt.

      1. Interesting … they were checking each other out and I think that’s the first upright bears I’ve seen since following you in early February. Well, that 8 foot tape worm might make her less of a prize!

      2. I’m sure he would over look that for a chance to mate.
        Also,she came to the party with another male.She literally left him sitting on the side.He was sitting there like a human watching her go after this other male.I saw myself in that moment.Funny how nature reflects.

      3. Interesting … you detected the crestfallen look and the resignation of that bear. Here in Michigan, yesterday we had two teenaged girls both going out with the same teenaged boy. One girl found out and in front of their classmates around 8:30 a.m., she took out a steak knife and stabbed the other girl. Two stabs … fatal. Suspect was 17, the victim was 16. At least the black bear took it in stride; perhaps he will find a loyal mate.

      4. we are the only species that does not follow nature. The violence & aggression with our species is ever increasing!
        I suspect more a symptom rather than the problem.Competition is increasing.

      5. Yes, you are right and people say humans sometimes “act like animals” … no, animals behave better. Look at geese who mate for life and mourn the passing of their mate.

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