52 thoughts on “LEAP OF FAITH

  1. Look at those long legs!! Stretching to take off. You caught him in a great position. And interesting texture on the log. Beautiful.

  2. Michael Jackson used to make a similar move … he would lean way forward and not tip over. You got the heron in the split-second before takeoff and just before he opened his beak to make that squawking noise as he flew away. When you look at a heron, you could not imagine their wings are so big as herons always look so scrawny to me. Maybe your herons are bigger as there are more fish to feed on.

      1. I think that 5 pounds is all wings. The herons I see here look like they all could use a good meal. Is it making your news that a lot of the lakes/rivers in Michigan are contaminated and people should not eat the fish? That’s fine they can warn the humans, but hopefully the wildlife who eat fish find it distasteful and don’t eat it. There were warnings since early August but just before Labor Day there were more warnings and more bodies of water with this harmful chemical. At Lake Erie, where I was on Saturday, we went past the boat launch area on the nature walk, and the guide remarked that he hoped people had seen the news before they brought in any fish to have for dinner.

      2. I agree – and it’s not like they can find every seashore bird and say “drop that fish!” Yes, no one cares – just do whatever you want, and doesn’t matter if it harms aquatic animals and plant life.

      3. what a lot of people do not understand is that our bodies are contaminated.From the air,water,land & food.We are shitting in our own nest & feeling the affects.Cancers are way up! Corporations don’t want to hear this stuff because it’ll affect their bottom line….money!

      4. Yup, it is shameful about the Round-up verdict and they will appeal it, but I sure as hell as glad I never used it – anything that comes with so many warnings on it you have to be concerned. And now, years and years of eating oatmeal every day and they say it may be contaminated by Round-up. You never know what you are eating anymore.

      5. See, there is the flame retardant and our major contaminant here in the water right now is that firefighting foam. Teflon can be harmful to your lungs. When we got our first canary, we learned they were very susceptible to aerosol sprays and Teflon. You are not supposed to use a Teflon frying pan, use a Teflon-coated iron, or even have the oven door open in the same room as the canary because the fumes are very bad for them. So, Teflon is good … nothing will stick to it. Sure we are a lot bigger than a canary, but … years later, you get cancer and say “well, I never smoked a cigarette, nor was I around second-hand smoke” so why do I have lung cancer? And this line just says it all as if to just wash their hands of it …: “Dr. Albert Nantel, a toxicologist at the Quebec National Institute of Public Health, cautioned people not to read too much into the study.”

      6. I know … our canaries would get an attitude when they were moved to the other room too. Just like if you put a dog in a room and closed it – they both felt excluded. They were both companion pets, so being removed from the kitchen where they spent the better part of their day and rarely being alone, they would stop singing and sit in the corner. My mom started using the toaster oven more and more because it had no Teflon and no Teflon baking sheet, so she didn’t have to put Sugar down the hall (and hurt his feelings).

      7. Buddy was my other canary. We got Sugar from Marge. We took care of him while she visited her mom in Arizona … we spoiled him silly, then when Marge returned home three weeks later, he moped around and wouldn’t sing, so she gave him to us. She only had him one or two weeks when she went on vacation. He was home all the time with my mom in the kitchen; I was working full-time then. He died the same year as my mom. I was not working as I got laid off before my mom died. I did not want another bird or pet – I was very upset as it was near Christmas. Marge said I should have a pet to keep me company so we went and got Buddy. After Buddy died in December 2016 – no more pets for me. Too upsetting.

      8. I think of Parker as a kind of pet to be honest … I shouldn’t because I am setting myself up to be upset if I see him get hurt or killed by a car. I worry every time he runs across the street when he sees me. If he’s near the entrance to the Park and sees me in the neighborhood across from the Park he comes running across the street – no, he doesn’t look both ways. When I leave sometimes he follows me into the neighborhood. I am beginning to think I may need to go in and out of the Park a different way because I don’t want him to get run over, but to do that will destroy the rapport I have for him … he is not always inside the Park.

      9. celebrate the moments you have with him.Remember those & he will never pass.
        I’ve had to say goodbye to many of my animal friends over the years.It’s all part of our adventure into this thing we call “life”.

      10. Yes, you are right of course. It is hard, no matter old you are, or how many years you have had a pet. We had a parakeet too – he had a tumor on his esophagus and died. That was 1983 and we decided no more pets for our family – too difficult. We would not have bought another bird, but Marge gave him to us, I think because she saw it was better for the bird (she was never home … worked and out with friends all the time) but a companion for my mom as well. Then Sugar and then Buddy after Sugar was gone, were my companion pets as I am here alone and work from home.

      11. That was beautifully said Wayne – I am misting up a little just thinking of Sugar and Buddy. The house was very empty after they were gone – they both sang beautifully.

      12. a life without tears just isn’t worth living.If your not weeping from time to time,your not trying hard enough.
        You have had a vacancy sign up since Buddy passed & Parker filled it.Feel very happy that you have known him.Reaching out is what we do best.It’s one of the reasons why our species has done so good.

      13. This was beautifully put as well Wayne – I do miss fussing and fretting over my little birds and both were spoiled but well loved. You are right – Parker fills that empty void.

      14. Put a big picture of Parker on the counter where Buddy use to be.Even bring out both of their canisters & put them on either side of the picture.You’ll find it’ll make your place sparkle.

      15. Well, that is a nice idea but then it would be like a shrine to them, and I have since added something else large to the countertop – it is an ice bucket we used to keep on the fridge. The kitchen is done in “country” and this large bucket is blue with a goose on it … we used to store packages of crackers in there to keep them from getting soft. Now, I store the individual Ziploc bags of peanuts inside of it so they are handy as I walk out the door. Another reason I got Sugar cremated was because I wanted to scatter his ashes/cremains with my mom’s. However, my mom wanted this done in Canada and I had no passport to cross the border. (I still don’t.) After 9/11 you cannot cross the border without a passport. So, I could have asked Robb (my boss) to do it on one of his trips to Georgian Bay, but I didn’t want to (although later he was mad and said he was very hurt that I didn’t ask him to do it). I stewed over it and thought of going to the Detroit River and asking a boater to cross to the other side and pay him to scatter the ashes. My options were not so great. One day I went to have my hair cut in a salon near my house and was talking to the hair stylist – I’d never met her before and I don’t know how we started talking about my mom but I mentioned the ashes and going to Canada to scatter them. I did not know she was an American, married to a Canadian and living in Windsor for many years. It was providence and she volunteered to do it for me – I was shocked. She did this as a favor to a complete stranger and took a chance doing it as well – you have to get permission to cross the border with cremains. She was a very religious person and in a prayer group and said her group would have asked her to do this on my behalf. I didn’t want to impose with Sugar’s ashes too, though I guess I could have opened the bag and mingled them, but felt uncomfortable doing so, so I just left him here with me. This woman did scatter the ashes, took a picture of the place by the water in Amherstburg, Ontario. So I am grateful she fulfilled my mom’s wishes to return to her homeland. The hair salon closed shortly after she did this and I had her address and send her a Christmas card every year, but I’ve not seen her since.

      16. that was a good story Linda! Your mother made it back to Canada.I was thinking of doing it myself up in Tranquil for you.You would of had to of sent it through the mail of course.But this woman came to the rescue at any rate.

      17. That would have been nice of you Wayne – she would’ve liked it there in Tranquil – sounds more peaceful. The odd thing is I’d never gone into that shop, never met that woman and she worked 3 days a week here and 3 days a week in Windsor – it just fell into place. I went in on a Friday morning – this woman did hair for some elderly ladies and went to their house after she finished at the shop. It was very hot – like now – in August. I was going to go home and get the box and bring it back, but she said she had these two stops to make and would feel badly if someone stole it, so I had to go back the next day. Went back Saturday morning before the shop opened and met her out back – it was a little strange (like a back alley kind of thing) … she took my phone number and she called me once she was across and then took pictures and said she would get it developed and call me when it was ready … no digital camera, regular camera. She took the picture that night – they went to a friend of the family birthday party. The party was in Amherstburg and we had agreed a place by the water would be perfect and my mom and I often went to Amherstburg to watch the ducks – my mom loved ducks … they are all over the house, decoys, etc. So they went that night to a nice place by the water, took the pictures. Came home to their apartment and their apartment was flooded in water. The floor above had a major plumbing issue – her son was on a wait list for a kidney and could not be exposed to any mold so they packed up what they could salvage and packed quickly and the apartment manager found them another apartment in another complex, owned by same owner. They lived out of boxes until their apartment was cleaned and back to order – they lost alot of belongings from the water damage. In the frey, she put the camera into a box and didn’t unpack it for about six months – then she remembered the pictures and had them developed. Meanwhile, I was reluctant to call and ask what happened and after three months I offered to pay for the developing … and she lost her job during this time too as the lady died who owned the salon and they closed down suddenly. I eventually got the pictures. Her son had the kidney transplant and is doing fine. Every good story often has a back story!!

      18. I wanted to tell you what the guide at the nature walk told me the other day. I don’t know what to make of this. I mentioned seeing the doe while driving through the Park to get to the museum area where the walk originated. He said that people are bringing buckets of cracked corn and dumping it out for the deer so they have alerted the authorities and they will be fined. He said “no feeding of animals is permitted” … I had my mesh bag of peanuts on my fanny pack so I said jokingly “guess I’d better hope no squirrels see the peanuts here” and I told him I feed the squirrels in the Park every day. He said “you should stop doing that – they will become dependent on you and one day you’re not there and they might go to another person begging and not get peanuts and will attack them.” I said “other people feed them as well – I’m not the only one.” He said once again “you are making a big mistake doing it and I urge you to stop.” I didn’t say I agreed or disagreed because I don’t see Parker or any of the other ones attacking anyone. I won’t take apples and put them out like I do every Fall because of the hawks. When apples are cheap I get the small ones and line them up and down the pathway every so often … but I won’t make them sitting ducks for the hawks.

      19. I suppose we had better not throw any wasted food into the garbage.After all all those Crows,Gulls,Ravens,Eagles out at the dump will get use to it & what would happen if we all died……they’d do just fine!
        Forget this guys philosophy.He doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about. No animal will become addicted to you such that they’d die or go to someone else looking for a hand out.Animals are smart,humans are dumb.They would only approach a human who they feel is worthwhile.Your guide friend might be approached by a bear for a smack up the side of the head but thats about as much contact as this guys would ever get!
        You go right ahead & feed Parker & forget all about these type of people.

      20. I agree with you Wayne. The only squirrel that would attack is a rabid one. There are three other walkers (all men) regularly feeding the squirrels. I am not the only one providing peanuts for the squirrel whole population there. And that is just in the morning – who knows what happens later in the day after we leave? I already see the squirrels putting nuts away for Winter – this has been going on for a month already, digging holes and hiding them. That is not normal. They don’t usually start that until the trees are bare. I have been walking there at Council Point Park for five years now. Same thing every year – this year, the squirrels see the leaves are dropping fast. We had a few cold days last week. They have associated it with Winter. After last Winter and the cold and snow and ice, they know pickings will be slim, and there will be nothing to forage and eat then. I try to get down there when I can, but they don’t plow the pathway. Often I can only go on the weekends if it snows as the snow and ice melt in the afternoon, so I can walk on the pathway – sometimes I just walk on the snow. But the neighborhoods are icy or snowy too – so then I don’t get down there as much. I didn’t like him saying that. As to the deer, well I can’t see the harm either, but we do have a lot of deer/car crashes here in Michigan. The deer are within the Park and they sure weren’t rushing out in front of the car – they were peaceful and I’m sure they aren’t going to attack a human looking for corn either.

      21. Farmers Almanac started out basically because of Farmers observations.The farmers would watch the land/animals.
        If I were one of those farmers I’d say that your furry little friend Parker knows something we do not.I suspect he believes it’s going to be a cold winter & that he had better make up extra food cache diggings. Pay attention to the animals.They are telling a story.
        As far as the Deer go….there was a news article on tonights news about a woman being stomped by a deer in her backyard. It happened down in Oak bay in southern Vancouver island. She’s complaining about the deer.
        First they kill the bears,second they kill the wolves,thirdly they kill the cougars……than there are no predators to keep the deer in check & so now we have to kill all the deer!
        Than on the weekends they hop in the car to go up island way to see some wildlife.
        We sterilize our environment of nature.We are the only species that does not live with nature,we bend nature into the desired shape.It is our downfall…

      22. You are right – they know more than we, who only go outside a few hours a day, do. We used to be able to tell by the rings of a Woolly Bear caterpillar. I saw one at the Park, and that is how I met my friend Ann Marie. I was bent down close studying it and she asked me why – so I told her about the ring configuration on its body. When I was a kid we saw these woolly bear caterpillars all the time and very rarely now.
        They are forecasting an El Nino Winter and we had one the first year I started walking. Very little snow that season and I was not walking as far … maybe 3 miles per day, but I was able to get out almost every day. I hope they are correct after last year’s brutal Winter we had. But watching all the squirrels in gathering and storing mode already is very telling. They kill the deer off in Ann Arbor every year – they close the big parks for a day or so, and bring in a sharpshooter and donate the meat to soup kitchens to feed the homeless. They do this as there are large rural areas in the Ann Arbor area and they claim the deer overtake the parks, get into the neighborhoods and cause havoc – more with deer eating flowers, shrubbery and not so much harming people. So Ann Arbor will have council meetings so people in the area can voice their opinions – you have the people that say it is cruel to hurt the deer and then the other people want them gone or at least thin the herd. Ultimately they take down some of them … meanwhile up North, where the hunters will congregate, first for bow-and-arrow hunting season, then after November 15th for firearm deer hunting season, the deer are dying from chronic wasting disease.

      23. a narrow band around a Wooly bear means a harsher than normal winter.While a wider one predicts a milder winter.
        I’ve heard of that chronic wasting disease before.(CWD) Not sure why it spreads but may be related to population increase?
        Once again these population have been allowed to flourish because we have interrupted the predator/prey cycle.

      24. I don’t know that much about it either, and hunters were warned before bow-and-arrow, then firearms deer hunting season began of the signs and not to eat the deer – it would be better they put some of them out of their misery because they waste away – they gave the symptoms so hunters would be aware. The DNR says there are still too many deer up there, just as you say – we have interrupted the predator/prey cycle … but with the sharpshooters … one shot and they die but only because they are considered a nuisance, here they are die a slow and painful death.

      25. I found this…….”Adrenaline released by stress before slaughter uses up glycogen, which means there’s not enough lactic acid produced postmortem. This affects different kind of meat in different ways, but in general it’ll be tough, tasteless, and high in pH, and will go bad quicker than unstressed meat.”Oct 30, 2015

      26. That’s interesting that it would affect meat in just a matter of moments is pretty incredible. That deer I saw in the video this morning had some kind of adrenaline rush going … it was released from that net and at the wooded area in a matter of seconds. It’s a wonder it did not have a heart attack in the process and it was a live Facebook video on Channel 4. I’d have to believe that any deer that is chased by a hunter in the woods would have the same thing happen – only when the hunter shoots it from a blind and kills it dead will the venison taste good.
        Thank you for this info Wayne.

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