17 thoughts on “AT REST & PLAY

  1. Is this the same heron as in the previous post with the pink sun shot? Did it leave then return later as the sun set more? You’d swear it was not the same sun as it looks so orange here. That wingspan is so wide on this bird and you wouldn’t think that to look at him at rest. I’m such a sucker for the orangey shots and the faint ring around the sun in the first photo is just incredible.

      1. Makes sense – mine should know me by now. It sees the whites of my eyes and takes off. That’s okay, he’ll come around eventually … I’ll be more patient.

      2. well considering I didn’t see a single bear & got only one of my eagles that Heron saved my butt!
        It takes a huge amount of hard work to go out & than haul everything back up.So when I get very little it’s disheartening.

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