22 thoughts on “MISTY EAGLE

    1. thanks Lynette! I made a mistake. The sun is setting sooner & sooner each day now.I spent too much time with my bear friends.So when I started back the sun was lower than what I expected! I didn’t visit very long with the Daredevil because I wanted to get to Romeo’s area.All the shots I got of Romeo didn’t work out.I should of stayed with the Daredevil! I missed the best part of the light because I was travelling.That happens more times than I’d be willing to say!

    1. Thank you Lara!
      I’m sort of like a photographic fisherman.I cast my cameras net to see what I come up with.In hindsight I should of stayed fishing with the Daredevil.I could see that the sun was going to come out but only for a brief time before setting.Not enough time for me to go from Tsapee Narrows to Romeo/Juliette’s territory.

      1. Well you get that done and more. I saw Luc today – poor bugger was sitting facing the wall like he was a dunce. I talked to him from the railing and he turned his head around and looked at me. Today, I went on two nature walks at that Park and the second walk, there were only two of us, so I asked the guide some questions about Luc. They are going to try and get a new enclosure for him; this one is 9 years old and the cold Winter we had last year caused some heaving of the earth beneath and it is listing a little bit on one side. Also we talked about his food – I said I saw no white rabbit today or no food on the tree stump on the bottom of the enclosure. He said they like to feed Luc in the evening around sunset – he prefers that and will go eat then when it is quiet; he won’t touch the food during the day when there are people watching him in the enclosure (last time they had food, a whole white rabbit, early in the day – maybe it was left over from the evening before? It had flies on it.) Guide says he is getting finicky with his food and doesn’t have a good appetite. I said he doesn’t get exercise maybe that’s why. He said he is fed 6 days a week; they withhold food 1 day (not because they are closed …. they are open every day but Thanksgiving and Christmas) but because in the wild, eagles only eat 2-3 times a week so they don’t want to overfeed him. They give him frozen rabbit, fish and mice … that’s to encourage his “beak” to get a workout as he has to chew his “food” more if it is frozen. I mentioned a companion for him and the guide said “we’re working on the enclosure for now and it was very difficult to request an eagle that could not be rehabilitated and released into the wild again because, believe it or not, there are not that many injured bald eagles and many nature parks are on the list for their own injured eagle.” I didn’t see any eagles today – an egret, a corant and some common terns. We have had a stormy afternoon so will defer my post until tomorrow as we are expecting more rain this evening.

      2. I wish I could make his life better! He would of been far better off being let go & fending for himself.People use these injuries as a excuse to keep a eagle so they can get money from entrance fees.He knows he’s a shadow of himself.

      3. I agree with you Wayne. However, the Park does not charge an entrance fee to see Luc, but we have to pay for a vehicle permit pass to go into the Park, whether paying by the day ($10.00 per car), or by the year ($35.00 per car). Anyone can walk up to his enclosure during the hours the Park is open. He is down the hill from the museum a ways. The museum is free too. The museum has snakes and fish inside so I did ask if he is put inside the museum in the Winter and they said “no” as he is given the same natural habitat conditions as he is accustomed to in the wild. But, if he was out in the open, he would be flying around and/or up in a tree and sheltered by the protection of a nest. Luc is cooped up in the enclosure – he has nowhere to go when we have a blizzard and the snow goes sideways. I know there is a roof, but still he is not totally protected. And what about bitter cold nights? He does sit in the back part of the enclosure like I mentioned yesterday; he was sitting facing the wall, and just turned his head backwards and looked back at me. I could see his damaged eye more closely. Yes he is a shadow of himself – dejected.

      4. Yes it is Wayne. He is likely bored in there. I hope the people who work there at least interact with him more than just when they take in his daily meal.

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