20 thoughts on “BEARLY LAUGHING

    1. yes,they do! I can guarantee it! I’ve watched bear cubs play & they most certainly play games on each other! So they may not display that kind of behaviour as much as an adult but they certainly do from time to time.

      1. I had a cat some years ago. Everytime I got sad or weird about some problems she used to act like a clown, made comical bounces, tried to play with me, or made funny faces to cheer me up again.

      2. your cat (all animals but humans) sensed your energy.it realized your energy was misbalanced & so played with you to make it right again.Animals can feel other animals much better than we can.We use to be as good at feeling other animals but our domestication has diminished it.Whenever a species changes,there are always pros & cons.You gain this but loose that.Genetic expression is constantly trying to reinvent its self!

        Playing is a form of social medication each species is hardwired for.

      1. I am smiling and thinking all CDN people are polite too … there are jokes I see on Twitter or Facebook poking fun at the Canadians for being polite.

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