The RCMP have several boats here in Tofino. This type of boat is called a RIB,Ridged Inflatable Boat.The boat I use is also a RIB,just much smaller!

This boat is called the “Eagle”.It’s the boat used to by the RCMP for two native villages,Ahousaht & Opitsat.

It was coming to the dock in Tofino at sunset.

25 thoughts on “RCMP BOAT :”EAGLE”

  1. Very pretty reflection on the water Wayne – it lights the way for the boat. I never thought of the RCMP having patrol boats before. I guess I only remember them in their uniforms, high boots and brimmed hats riding horseback.

      1. I see – I saw the mounted police in their colors before – don’t remember where. They looked very regal. Maybe it was a parade or in downtown Toronto. I took a friend over to Toronto for a week and we stayed at my grandmother’s house. We walked all over the City, went to the Ex and some concerts at the Ex, saw all the tourist places because when we went to Toronto, we mostly visited my grandmother and didn’t venture out. One time we went to Toronto in November for my grandmother’s birthday and it was Royal Winter Fair time so I went there – all those beautiful draft horses pulling their wagons, and the jumpers – very nice!

      2. Oh yes – the scarlet uniforms and then the horses which are synchronized … just beautiful. I miss the pomp and circumstance of watching an event like they would have for Canada Day.

      3. I don’t get the “circumstance” part but I always associated the “pomp” part with a pompous occasion … a lot of high-falutin’ (now there’s a word you never hear anymore) nonsense.

  2. Great shot, Wayne! I like Marilyn’s idea about your photos being on display in the new RCMP fortress being built there – they should have prints from local photographers – better than mug shots…

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