31 thoughts on “SMOKEY SERENADE

    1. yes,it hung around for most of the day but by sunset it was almost all gone.Vancouver still has it but by the end of tomorrow it’ll be gone from there as well.We’re shipping it over to Alberta!

      1. Maybe tonight will be better for that type of shot? We had a very clear day today – in fact, it was the first time in ages I can remember seeing my shadow because it has been so gray and gloomy. And it was only 57F (13C) when I left and no humidity. It felt like a September day. I don’t know where the smoke haze went for us today. It will be back on the weekend when the heat and humidity returns I guess.

      2. Any of them sound like a nice keepsake of their visit to Tofino … most people likely wish they had seen those views and little critters in person while they were there. They’ll see your photos and decide they need to return next year!

      3. That is good to be that renowned that they look for you by word of mouth. I wonder if people will ask you for pictures of these incredible pink sunsets … especially the people that were here to see them.

      4. Maybe based on what they saw while visiting or saw your photos on your blog so seek out a particular photo. I am thinking that you are so accustomed to going out in the boat to take pictures that if it is a nice day, you’ll go anyway … it is something you enjoy … every outing could yield a once-in-a-lifetime photo.

      5. That’s a great way to think of it – there will always be SOME missed opportunity, you’ll be shooting one thing, and something else you’d like to shoot, will be happening while your back is turned.

      6. A couple here own a bear/whale watching business.Their office is right down at the waters edge.They told me once they saw me taking off & a Grey whale came up right behind me! Because I have the noise of the engine & I always wear my headphones I never noticed it.They both laughed that a whale came to say hello but I took off.

      7. That’s funny, they knew you were oblivious and not blase about it … you sure would have turned around and gotten a shot of it. I remember you saw a whale in the harbor not too long ago … you showed us a picture of the top of it.

      8. Well, I had to look up “images of whale spy hopping and breaching” because I’m always curious. Well if they did that, they might flood your boat at the same time. I saw Bubbles the Whale years ago at Marineland of the Pacific – probably around 1965, long before they have banned these shows. I’d rather see dolphins after many years of watching the T.V. show “Flipper” as they have more personality and they are supposed to be very intelligent.

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