45 thoughts on “SMOKEY BLUE HERON

  1. Beautiful with the heron silhouette! The smoke is nasty. I am so glad we in interior Alaska had lots of rain this summer and did not have the forest fires that we often have.

      1. I get a bit stuffed up when smoke from forest fires reaches here. The worst was the Yellowstone fire several years back since it’s closer to where I live.

      2. Isn’t that the way it goes? Like the time I took my visiting Dutch friend up to South Dakota to see the Black Hills and there was so much fog at Mt. Rushmore you couldn’t see the faces!

      3. It’s 2-1/2 hours to Rapid City, so I imagine it’s about the same to Mount Rushmore. Of course, if you drive the scenic route (US Highway 385) that takes you through Hot Springs (Mammoth Dig Site), Custer (Crazy Horse Monument), Custer State Park (prairie dogs, pronghorn, bison, white tail deer, etc.), you might spent four hours getting there, easily because those sites are all worth a visit, too.

      4. It would have been except the fog and rain made for a welcome relief from the heat and we saw several other things that were more interesting. My friend especially enjoyed the Mammoth Dig Site in Hot Springs and the wildlife in Custer State Park. Of course, the Crazy Horse Memorial is especially impressive, especially for me since I can remember it in the early stages. We had a busy but fun drive! (She’s been to over 60 countries and I was concerned I would be able to show her an interesting time. She either is gracious or actually enjoyed the time here!)

      5. It won’t be completed in our lifetimes. You can take a bus to the outstretched arm if you have an hour to spare, which we didn’t. The scale is unimaginable. I suspect it ultimately will be partially completed once it gets to a point where the Crazy Horse and his horse are shown far enough to be complete enough. Mt. Rushmore originally was to be waist up depictions of the presidents, if I recall.

      6. I see the carving is only 17 miles from Rushmore & was started in 1948.
        Some relatives of Crazy Horse have publicly criticized the carving for desecrating the landscape.
        I wonder when it’ll be completed? I couldn’t find any projected date.

      7. There is no projected completion date. It depends on funds and the will of the family of the an who started it to continue working on it. They take in a goodly amount of money on entry fees and tourist stuff and the family has quite a few adult children working on it. I do not know if any grandchildren are working on it, too. At any rate, they anticipate it going on till the 22nd century at the rate it is going. The Black Hills is very touristy, and these gigantic sculptures definitely bring in the hordes. (I am impressed with them, yet think the area is much better where you can see the more pristine places..)

  2. He fits right into the smoky background – when I was on that eagle river cruise a few weeks ago, they told us that the herons are gray and a pigment in their feathers make them look blue when viewed at a certain angle … it is the same kind of pigment that make a raccoon’s eyes look red if you view it a certain way. Very odd isn’t that? I really had wondered why the word “blue” was in their name.

      1. Is that true for all animals and people too? I thought it was something special just with the raccoons – guess the guy just made it as a general remark.

      2. what?……..you never took a picture of someone & their eyes turned red? The light from the flash is bouncing off their eye blood vessels.It’s due to the flash angle.The flash is right above the lens,thats the problem.If the flash was off to the side you wouldn’t get this bounce back.Journalists use to have these “L” brackets to mount the camera on with the flash up on top of that “L”.It separated the flash from the cameras angle & so no red eye!

      3. I did do that many times and I always blamed it on the flash misfiring, didn’t think it was the person’s eyes. I took a nice squirrel picture last year – he was almost nose to nose with me from where he perched on a low tree branch and I saw the photos when I got home and his eyes were bright red. I tried to eliminate the “red-eye” in the photo using Shutterfly “red-eye” editing button and it still was red. Poor thing’s eyes looked demonic.

      4. Yes, just like Damien. I couldn’t have thought of his name for the life of me. “The Omen” I think was that movie? Boy, that was a long time ago.

      5. 1976
        Unless you can attach a flash off to the side (connected with a cord) your going to get red eye because the flash shoots straight into the eye.The back of the eye is very red from all the blood & so reflects back red light,thus making the person or squirrel demonic in appearance.

      6. 1976 – long time ago. I have a test done on my eyes at the eye doctor’s office. I had the dilation drops put in one time about 15 years ago and something went wrong. I had them put in around 9:00 a.m. and my eyes were too fuzzy to drive and my mom was with me – she had an appointment too – we waited until noon and I was no better and she didn’t drive, so they did reversal drops. That didn’t work. At 500 p.m. they tried again and no luck, so had to call neighbors (husband/wife) to come in their car so one of them could drive home in my car. So, after that I found an eye doctor who does not use the dilation drops – he uses a computerized image – you push your face, left side, then right side, into the machine and the picture on the computer screen is bright yellow with red around it and looks like a sun, and all your blood vessels show up – I imagine that is the same principle as it takes a picture of the inside of each eyeball. It is interesting to see on the screen as he enlarges it and compares it year to year – but bright and the eye is enlarged to the size of a dinner plate on the screen. This link shows a picture of Optomap and you can see the red/yellow: http://www.optomap.com/en/optomap-Retinal-Exam/

        I like it as I don’t to worry about not being able to drive – it was very scary. I thought they gave me the wrong drops as it never happened before.

      7. very interesting Linda! They basically take a picture of your retina to study.Whereas the old way the Doctor needs to study your eye himself in real time which means they need to dilate your eye so he/she can see in there. This method is far superior & less invasive!

      8. Yes, it is and I have told many people about it for that reason. They will have the computer image enlarged and point out floaters or any abnormalities to you, even if a cataract is beginning, then he’ll show all the images from the last five or so years and study them against each other. They can supposedly tell any health issues they might anticipate you having in the future as well. I think it is about $50.00 for this exam which isn’t bad considering how much info is gleaned from it.

        My friend Ann Marie had cataract surgery a few weeks ago. She went in the office in the morning, was on her computer that evening which amazed me and able to drive the next morning. They have come a long way with eye surgery.

      9. I have a couple too that he pointed out, but they don’t bother me as they are small. Spending all the time on the computer likely is not helping our eyes. I wore contact lenses for 35 years and switched to glasses when I began working from home. I just got new glasses recently that have a tint in them which is supposed to help soothe your eyes because of the blue light from the computer screen. I can’t say I see a difference. Sometimes at the end of the day and staring at a screen for hours, I have a difficult time seeing clearly – things get blurry.

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