36 thoughts on “PRETTY IN PINK

    1. I got lucky! When I come back into town I always look to see if Tim or Tam are home on Lovekin point.Sometimes they take off before I can take the shot.I was glad I got the shot before it jumped & also I saw the sun becoming paler & paler due to thicker smoke. After I left I didn’t make it half way through the harbour before the sun has totally gone! I was on my way to visit Romeo.I thought I might be able to squeak in a few shots before it disappeared but apparently not!

      1. the smoke layer above us is of a certain thickness,directly above!(maybe a few hundred feet?) When you measure horizontally that layer is way thicker! So as the sun is setting the light is going through more of this smoke layer.So the light becomes diminished considerably until it is gone.Even though the sun hasn’t technically set yet.

      2. That is really interesting – are there scientists there watching the many forest fires to study the atmospheric conditions as a result of the smoke layer?

      3. Well they should be able to study it up close as that Parker Solar Probe is up there right now. I’ve not heard much about it … the news is full of political stuff these days and science has to take a backseat.

      4. They are also busy studying the moon – the other day they discovered that ice was on the moon. I don’t know why they bother worry about moon and its environment because I can’t see humans living there unless they eventually trash up the earth so badly that there is nowhere safe to be here anymore.

      5. no matter what we would still be a fish out of water.It’s not our natural environment & so not viable for the masses,& even if we did find a “portal” to a perfect world,we would most assuredly pollute & destroy it eventually.
        We are a species out of control with no brake,nature will take care of it.

      6. This is so true and no one cares, especially the current administration. Making people use paper straws instead of plastic and forbidding balloon releases as both hurt aquatic animals is not going to fix, nor undo, what harm has already been done.

      7. Sadly that is true. When they discussed the “Heat Dome” recently, they said our erratic weather patterns are the new norm and to get used to it. We have cool weather for three days, and I the last weather forecast I heard, he said “get used to the heat and humidity after this weekend; it is here until mid-September!”

      8. many people like Trump firmly believe that there is no such thing as global warming! The main reason is that if they did they wouldn’t be able to fill their pockets.That is the main objective for Trump & his buddies,take off all environmental regulations so they can fill their pockets as much as possible! They only have 4 years.

      9. He is money hungry and last week said something to the effect “I am running this operation” … sorry, this is not an “operation” … it’s a country. Maybe the money grubbers who think they have it all and are above it all, will have learned something from yesterday with Cohen and Manafort.

      10. Yes, he won’t be put into the general population – that’s for sure. Maybe he should be … teach him a lesson or two from the “common folk”.

      11. He thinks he puts on his red baseball cap and he is like the common man. He has no clue what the common man is or means. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and nothing will change that. In fact, didn’t his father give him a building or some large piece of real estate when he was young?

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