You can see the extant of smoke in our area.It seemed to sit down over the water but remain more aloft right over Tofino.Maybe because the darker land heated up more than the water,which produced thermals above Tofino.Which help aloft or maybe pushed up would be a better description.

All that smoke filters the sun light.That sun light is basically radiation. Our light is composed of different energies.Pass light through a prism & it’ll split into it’s individual components.The rainbow. Each colour has a different wavelength.At one they are short & the far end they are much longer in wavelength. The shorter the wavelength, the easier it is to stop via particulate. The wavelengths with power are Red,Orange & Yellow.ROY.

When there is a lot of particulate suspended in the atmosphere the radiation coming from our sun is scattered.That means it just doesn’t get through our atmosphere.The longer wavelengths are the only ones that can punch through that smoke layer.ROY.   Thats why the sun looks so orange during a normal sunset.But because that smoke layer is filtering out all those shorter wavelengths, orange becomes scattered leaving the stage for our old friend Red! Red likes to invite his girlfriend out, Pink.So many times you’ll see pink come after red.

14 thoughts on “FIRE EAGLE

    1. thank you Marilyn! That forest fire smoke does present a rare opportunity for shooting. Having said that there isn’t a huge amount I can do with it.Basically eagles.If a bear wants to walk out onto a point of land & pose for a silhouette with that reddish sun in behind fine,but it ain’t going to happen.The bears are scarce this year too.

  1. I like how that sun is reflecting on the rippled water – it looks like you sliced and diced the reflection up, then laid it on the water’s surface and shot the photo.

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