Against my better judgement I went out tonight.We have so much forest fire smoke right now that the sun doesn’t shine brightly.Whenever that happens the contrast is weak & the colours less vibrant. I was hoping that the sun would turn to pink.I wanted to get some of my eagle friends in front of that gorgeous pink sun!

Unfortunately mother nature had other plans.The smoke was so thick that it actually snuffed the sun.Normally it’s thick clouds that do that but never just smoke! I’ve never seen smoke block out the sun before!

So I never really got any shots of eagle in front of a pink sun.I went all the way over to Fortune channel tonight looking for bears,but by the time I got back the sun had done the old disappearing trick on me!

So I came back in early.I did get to meet “Scar”! So that was worth the price of admission!

17 thoughts on “SUNSET SITTING

  1. It is nice to hear the story behind the pictures and the efforts you go to get your photos. I think it adds another dimension to you and your photography. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I was looking at some pictures of Seattle yesterday – before and after pics of the forest fire smoke. It was just incredible. Surely the madness will end soon – they need our all-day rain here in Michigan which would sure help contain the flames.

      1. Well, the rain here stopped and it was sunny out for awhile – really hot though. According to the handy-dandy radar map no storms later, but we are expecting rain again overnight. I wish I could send you some.

  3. Hello looking to get in touch with you for photos on July 8th or 9th please contact me via email We tracked you down a couple years ago as we always buy your photos every year when we come to visit but have lost your contact info.

    Thank you Laura and Byron from Kelowna BC

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