How do I know that Scar is a female? Females pee out the back & so get the hairs wet.Over time these hairs braid themselves into what I call a “Pee Dreadlock”. So I always look at their bum to see if it’s a girl bear. If I don’t see a Pee Dreadlock on the rear,it has to be a boy bear.

Of course if it’s raining or it just went into the water…..all bets are off!

2 thoughts on ““SCAR” IS A FEMALE”

    1. the size of the beak to the head.The males are smaller than the females.It’s hard for someone not familiar with eagles to tell but easy tot ell when they are perched side by side.
      You can see Romeo & Juliette in this shot.Romeo is the one in focus.Even though Juliette is behind & further away than Romeo you can clearly see that she is larger.Her beak is larger compared to the skull than Romeo’s.A friend once said that male eagles heads look like chicken heads.They are more slender.

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