15 thoughts on “MEARES ISLAND SUNSET

      1. I like it just the way it is. Simple, clean and direct subjects. It reminds me a little of the ET moon with Elliott on bicycle and ET in the basket silhouetted against a white moon.

      1. Maybe the smoke is bothering them and they aren’t out and about as much. I hope it does not hurt Romeo and Juliet’s eaglets … hopefully the nest is embedded in the tree so it blocks the smoke since they are stuck there all the time without a break (unless they’ve fledged?).

      2. I see. So there is no refuge for any of the furry or feathered creatures from the forest fires. It is bad enough the fires are ignited from natural causes, but the person who set the fires and caused all this damage … there is no punishment harsh enough for what he has done.

      3. light smoke will stay aloft,while heavy smoke will sit down.It’s basically gravity.Heavy particles sink faster than lighter particles. So people close to the actual forest fire will have heavy particulate,& it will sit down.While people further away will have the lighter particles.Which stay aloft.When I studies Geology I took sedimentology .It’s the study of sediments formed,weathered,eroded & transported.
        Smoke is identical.

      4. I see. Then likely the forest fires did not slow down tourism on Tofino this Summer then as the big fires were too far away and the light smoke was/is not interfering with activities right on the water.

      5. when you go on vacation you almost always have to make reservations.Which requires a deposit.People coming to Tofino didn’t know there would be smoke & are not about to loose their deposit.They’ll come,check it out & make a decision while here at worst.

      6. I figured that might have happened, with all the coverage about the forest fires, they’d sure know beforehand. I’m betting a lot of your tourists are return visitors with standing reservations, kind of like in quaint towns in New England where people stay in bed and boards.

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