13 thoughts on “TUCKED IN FOR THE NIGHT

  1. But still checking you out with sleep-filled eyes. Reminds me of my little canary Buddy. He’d be nodding off but with one eye half open to make sure he wasn’t missing anything.

      1. Buddy – and he was brown too and though he was a lot smaller, I just had a little flashback of him. I think this is a Plover isn’t it, as below the post it showed one of your earlier posts about a Plover.

      2. Well I had planned on getting a yellow canary with a black head (it looked like a goldfinch), and called ahead as it was nearing Christmas, so the woman at the pet shop who was in charge of the birds, set one aside for me, but when Marge and I went down to get it, we walked in and this brown canary pushed its way to the front and started singing – everyone said it was meant to be and it wanted to come home with me so I got the brown canary instead. Got this little bird home and came in the house with Marge (she drove me down as she went back to the car to put the heat on and keep the car warmed up for me to bring him out since it was so cold out – she told me that I should not be alone for Christmas as I’d have never got a bird to bring home in the Winter). I realized I had no name picked for him and “Popcorn” wouldn’t cut it as he wasn’t yellow, so Marge and I racked our brains and I picked Buddy as he was my companion pet. I don’t think we have Black Turnstones here Wayne – we are all about the seagulls though! I didn’t know we had terns til I took that cruise.

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