34 thoughts on “ROMEO HAS VISITORS

      1. That made me smile! I’m working on a major project for the next year and won’t be doing any traveling but I might take you up on it after I’m done. 😁😁

    1. Romeo & Juliette are unusual when it comes to eagle location.They have the major boating route going right past their front door.So they have become conditioned to humans being around them. A eagle in a remote area where there is hardly any traffic would never do what Romeo is doing.
      He does keep a eye on things but not for humans….for other eagles encroaching on his territory!

  1. What a treat for these two boaters to look up and see an eagle scoping them out. I’ll bet they took a ton of photos – it looked like Romeo enjoyed posing for them. If not for his white head, they might have gone right by.

      1. I doubt it.You’d be paddling & your camera would be stowed.You’d have to stop paddling,get your camera out & shoot.
        So you wouldn’t drop anything except your paddle at worst.

      2. That makes sense, the camera needs to be stowed/protected from the water – I see kayakers at Elizabeth Park sometimes … they go in pairs down the water … looks so peaceful, but they see ducks and maybe a few geese and seagulls – always seagulls at Elizabeth Park as it’s right on the Detroit River. These folks have to remember the image in their mind unless they discovered your website!

      3. My suggestion to you Linda is to join a kayaking group.Go out on a few trips to get a feel.If you still enjoy it & feel confident enough,buy your own second hand kayak.Go with a few others out on local trips around the area your already familiar with.
        You just may gain enough experience & self confidence that you could go out by yourself?

      4. That sounds really fun and my good friend’s husband just bought her one last week – she is pretty excited about it. She bought him one for Christmas and he decided he didn’t want to go himself, so he bought her one. My issue would be I don’t swim, and I know you can wear a life vest but I’d still be leery. Today, I heard them mention a life vest which keeps your head above water. I found that interesting. We have had more drownings than usual this year in Michigan. The day I went on the little cruise, the waves were high; driving home I heard that there were some rogue waves and a rip tide in Lake Michigan and two people died and three people were hurt. It seems that we are warned every weekend to be wary of the water.

      5. I don’t know why I never learned to swim Wayne – I took gym in 8th grade and we had to go into the pool on days we were not in the gym doing other exercises and games, etc. I think they make you take a water safety course here if you buy a boat if I’m not mistaken. Probably to get a license for the boat.

      6. well….it’s up to you?It all depends how much passion you have? People who have passion overcome these kind of obstacles while others are stopped by them.Consider it part of life’s filtering plan.Only the cream rises.

      7. I just replied to you that you are making me work hard here Wayne!! Unfortunately when I was growing up, my parents were not into the great outdoors. My father wanted to go camping one time – we still lived in Canada so I would have been 8 or 9 years old at the time. He went to a place that rented camping equipment as my mother said “maybe you won’t like it” … he agreed. We had a VW bug and I don’t know where we went, but that little car was stuffed with a tent, sleeping bags, air mattresses, lantern, heater and cooler. I don’t know where we sat. Got to the camp site and put up the tent. Had a torrential rain storm that night and the tent leaked like a sieve. That was the one and only time we ever went camping. My mother said “the rest of the trip we stay in hotels!” That said, I guess I never learned to swim as I was never involved in any activities around the water. It’s never too late to learn – my boss is 71 years old and swims a mile every morning at 6:00 a.m. He was on the swim team in high school and got a 4-year scholarship based on swimming.

      8. It’s all up to you Linda? How much work are you prepared to put out for your passion? If you think it’s hard work already I think you better stay closer to your home.

      9. Yes, you make a good point, but I’ve been a homebody for so long, I really have to change my ways to be that adventurous. I can work on it – perhaps when I have more time than just weekends.

      10. I will consider it but it has to be after I’m not working when I can then have my own schedule and take my time and go places longer than just a one or two-day trip. Yesterday I was reading a blog post from a young woman – she followed me because she is originally from Michigan. She had a long post about Traverse City, Michigan. I know I was there years ago, but I don’t recall any of the things she wrote about, especially Sleeping Bear Dunes which are well known – I told her that I totally missed the Traverse City experience as she wrote it.

        I was much more adventurous when I was younger (20s/early 30s). None of my friends wanted to travel, so I went on my own (with a tour group).

      11. Not sure what you mean “it but it has to be after I’m not working”? If what you mean is after you retire than that means you won’t be doing anything at all & that you don’t really want to.Which is fine,this lifestyle isn’t for the faint of heart! Yes it can be dangerous but the rewards are extraordinary & makes one glad that they are living to the best of their abilities!

      12. Yes, I did mean after I retire from this job. I don’t get any vacation time – that was our agreement when I was hired back in 2011 after being laid off. I used to have some time to myself when he was on vacation, but this year I have gotten screwed to be honest as we’ve been so busy since the beginning of the year actually. He still goes on vacation, but I’m left with work to do. I try to make more out of my weekends in the meantime. My boss is 71, so I’m not sure how much longer we’ll be in business. He had planned to close down the end of 2016 as we had no work, then we got very busy, so that didn’t happen. Right now, he can stay in business a while longer as I’m not sure what I’ll do, preferably something from home if possible. I was told by a financial advisor not to take social security until age 67, that was his advice anyway. I’m going to sign off here now – I didn’t want you to think I was throwing in the towel completely as to future adventures by not responding back.

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