26 thoughts on “PIGLET’S CLOSE UP

    1. When a dog comes over to you (who doesn’t know you) If it’s tail is wagging there is no danger.In other words Bears & all animals cannot talk so they use non-verbal communication.Like dogs if you’ve been around bears for a while you can recognize their intent.Because I know Peggy for years & because Piglet approached me,no there was no danger.
      She was just curious about me.I talked to her……It’s what I do with my friends.

      1. well………they are the only ones around…..who else am I going to chat with.
        I have a theory. Animals do not know what I am saying obviously but I believe they can feel.This is what their 6th sense is.We use to have a very well developed 6th sense as well when we were hunter/gatherers.However in evolution you gain here but loose there.Through our long domestication we have gained many things to help us survive.Because we no longer wake up with two questions on our mind “Can I eat it or can it eat me”? Our need for this 6th sense to survive has waned. This 6th sense allowed us to feel around us like a spider web.Whenever another animals energy touches out web we instantly are aware! So If we were sleeping in the forest & felt another animal close by ,we got up & moved away from it.While the ones who did not have as sharp a sense perished.
        We still have some of that 6th sense.You ever been walking & felt someone looking at you?
        I have over time become more aware of my surroundings. I use my 6th sense to let them know I am not a threat.
        So they do not understand what I am saying but they can feel it.

    1. being with my animal friends is always amazing!
      I searched & searched last night for bears? I thought I’d be skunked but came across Peggy & Piglet! I was so happy to not only find bears but that it was them!

      1. Curious is good – better than being afraid … she will be back to check you out some more and you’ll have many photos of Piglet to share with us.

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